This year students have been formed around a series of Studios, each one working with partners who have brought to life their challenges and shared insight and advice to help shape new solutions.

We’d like to thank our collaborators: North West Hospital NHS Trust, Modal, Fuzzy, BCG, EcoGiff, Fair by Design and Aalto University.

wip show projects 2021

Social Resilience & Impact
Social Resilience reflects the growing challenge in pandemic that amplify deep routed social issues. Projects look at the role of regulators to embrace the needs of all society and create a more inclusive approach, able to anticipate the impact of legislation and policy.
Future of Work
The Future of Work projects combine speculative design visions of a future possible that breaks our work rituals and finds new solutions that allow us to reduce stress, work at different paces and collaborate creatively. The projects are rich inspirations for our future ways of working.
Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable Solutions develops new commercial platforms for sustainable consumption and behaviour change.
New Interactions
New Interactions explores how we will interact with services in a Zero UI, non touch world where voice and gesture will provide safer and richer alternatives to touch screens and buttons.
People Powered Health
Three projects have focused on the topic of Genomics. A vitally important component of the future of health, our scientific endeavours in mapping the human genome in over a 100,000 people has triggered huge progress in the fight against illness and genetically inherited disease. Working with NHS hospital trusts and experts in the field, the students tackled the human aspect of life changing information and decisions. Combining the human with the scientific is at the heart of service design and how we can help scientific advances contribute to our quality of life.
Citizen Centred
Citizen Centred presents the work of a collaboration with Aalto University in Helsinki and the build to rent organisation UKAA that looks at the relationships between property development, inclusive design, and community innovation.

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