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At the moment we are about to celebrate our 2022 WiP Show, 'NEXT'.
'This website celebrates the work of 75 students and 43 projects that have been produced during the largest global pandemic for a century. These students have been spread across the world and have communicated with us through screens for most of their time at the RCA.

Yet, the projects that are shown here are some of the finest projects we've seen on this pioneering, world leading, service design course. Tackling issues large and small, solving the problems of now and envisioning our future, they give us new ideas and hope that we can create a more resilient, robust and fair future.

This year I asked the students to show what they stand for and they have, magnificently. With our amazing industry partners who provide so much support for the projects, the students have observed, interacted and found deep insights in so many vital and important topics and gone on to develop creative responses that lead us forward.

These projects don't just visualise a desirable future, students have gone out and prototyped, tested and proven that future. I believe, despite the amazing challenges they have faced, that the 2022 cohort have set a new standard for service design. Take some time to see how they are facing forward to the opportunities ahead.'
Clive Grinyer rca service design head of the program
Clive Grinyer
Head of Service Design

28th Jan 2022

Next Challenges

The opening seminar of our WIP Show 2022, 'NEXT'. Joined by Cat Drew and John Bird, we discuss the next challenges for service design.

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31st Jan 2022

In conversation with Becky Miller

Our first alumni 'In Conversation with’ event is hosted by Vicky Wang and Scarlett Tang who will be speaking with Becky Miller from the Class of 2018. Becky is now a senior service designer working in the UK government. She has always been interested in the complementary roles design can play to both capture the imagination and deliver pragmatic change.

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31st Jan 2022

Next: Liveable Planet (Lunch)

This session will introduce work from MA Service Design students on helping adidas to adapt to a circular economy, accelerating the roll out of EV charging in the UK, helping Bulb convert homes to heat pump technology and work with futurist Sanjay Khanna exploring the challenges for service designers engaging with the climate crisis.

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This year’s online show was complemented with a rich schedule of events from the 16th to the 30th of July.
We've hosted discursive seminars on where we are now and where we are going, with speakers such as Lou Downe and Julian Thompson.
It's been a feast of new ideas and possibilities and a chance to say you witnessed the launch of the resilient, creative, courageous Class of 2020.
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Despite the challenges of the last couple of years, the Class of 2022 have managed to find innovative ways to work on a range of challenging projects which have led to inspiring ideas. Their resilience and creativity inspires - find out more about each of our amazing project teams and give them some time to explore their work click on their links and talk to them about their projects.
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At the heart of the Service Design course is engagement with real problems in the world. Working with a diverse mix of industry partners, the student work has covered a broad range of projects. This year we have arranged the work around 3 Challenge Labs - Design for Planet, Social Impact and Life Services - that showcase the impact and ethos of service design. Each lab hosts a set of studios looking at what’s next in EV Charging, a circular future of sport, true carbon zero, domestic heating transformation; Alternative to Recall and ensuring life-long financial safety and stability for all;

Thank you to all the partners, from EY Seren, Nationwide, Catch 22 and Adidas who have worked with our project teams for the last few months…
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