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Here we are celebrating our 2021 Work in Progress Show Generation Regeneration
'A year ago we celebrated the invisible impact of service design on our government, societal and commercial services of the past decade. This year we look to the future and the curious, courageous and transformative cohort of the RCA Service Design course who are shaping solutions for a post pandemic world. 

We will be showcasing projects on the 1st to 3rd of February across our themed studios: Healthcare, Citizen Centred Solutions, Social Innovation, New Interactions, Sustainable Services and the Future of Work. To kick off the show we have a seminar at 11.00am UK on the 28th January with our guests Alice Rawthorn and Sir Geoff Mulgan to talk about our opportunities for regeneration. 
This is your opportunity to celebrate a new generation of designers who have continued to respond, discover, reframe, create and inspire regardless of the challenges that have been placed in front of them. Come and cheer on Generation Regeneration.'
Clive Grinyer rca service design head of the program
Clive Grinyer
Head of Service Design
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This year’s online show was complemented with a rich schedule of events from the 16th to the 30th of July.
We've hosted discursive seminars on where we are now and where we are going, with speakers such as Lou Downe and Julian Thompson.
It's been a feast of new ideas and possibilities and a chance to say you witnessed the launch of the resilient, creative, courageous Class of 2020.
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The WIP Show is traditionally the first opportunity to showcase the next cohort of students at the start of their graduating year. But there is nothing traditional about this year, or this year’s WIP Show.
2021 has started not so differently to 2020.
Repositioned by the ever present pandemic, global political transitions, the echo of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion and the UK adapting to a different relationship with its European neighbours.
Once again our students have proved resilient, creative and visionary in rising to the challenges of the time and imaging the world that will come. We are proud of the talent and commitment these students have to each other and their purpose in developing human centred, design driven, system transforming solutions to an amazing variety of challenges. Celebrate their energy and optimism, insight and creativity and drive to make a difference.
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