Grad Show 2022

This year's cohort is challenging what the future could be. Through 7 different project themes the students have collaborated with diverse partners across various industries to explore new ways we can adapt and return to life as we move towards a post-pandemic world.

Taking inspiration from the past, present and future, the class of 2022 will be joined by an expert panel of renowned service designers, innovators, thought-leaders, strategists, complex systems and strategic thinkers for only a few days this summer. They will engage in meaningful discourse - sharing their knowledge, expertise and lived experiences in a week of learning, questioning and exploration.  

The opening seminar marks the 10th anniversary of the Service Design course at the RCA and the launch of this year's theme RESET. This theme critically and thoughtfully explores new ways of being and existing in the world. Joining us will be renowned Service Designer Lou Downe, founder of The School of Good Services, Dr. Luke Roberts, complex system thinking expert and creator of Resolve Consultants, and Hanna Kops, Head of Experience at Transport for London.


The Course