Final Show 2022
25 june 2022 - 30 june 2022
MA 2022
The Service Design Show features the work of the Class of 2022, who are emerging into a brave new world eager to regenerate, press RESET explores new ways of being and existing in the world. Taking inspiration from the past, future and present, this year's cohort is courageously and bravely challenging what the future could be and for one week only, will be joined by an expert panel of renowned speakers. Who will engage in discourse, sharing their knowledge and expertise in a week of learning, exploration and provocation.
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Despite the challenges of the last couple of years, the Class of 2022 have managed to find innovative ways to work on a range of challenging projects which have led to inspiring ideas. Their resilience and creativity inspires - find out more about each of our amazing project teams and give them some time to explore their work click on their links and talk to them about their projects.