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The Service Design WIP Show features the work of the Class of 2022 and reflects their experiences from the unprecedented backdrop of the last 2 years. Inspired by the recent past, but looking at what’s next, our line-up of speakers and students will share their knowledge and expertise in a week of learning, exploration and provocation.
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After another year almost entirely living in a virtual environment, finding new ways to engage meaningfully in the online sphere has continued to be a challenge but this cohort of students have used their passion, talent and ambition to produce a WIP show to engage a range of audiences - organisations from the public, private and third sector; potential future students and the general public. For these students, this is the next step in what has been a journey of innovation, development and exploration and we look forward to sharing that with you and beginning to build the next chapter.

This year's show is titled Next
We’ll open the show with a seminar that will introduce three Challenge Labs -  Design for Planet, Social Impact and Life Services - around which we've set a range of project briefs for student teams to tackle. We’ve also invited two guest speakers, Cat Drew, Chief Design Officer at Design Council and Lord John Bird, Founder of The Big Issue to talk about the work they do and how they align with many of the themes being explored by our students in the show.
Throughout the rest of the show, our busy and thought provoking event programme we will showcase the highlights from the students' work and a chance to speak to them directly. These are exciting ideas for our future, come and join the Class of 2022 in a celebration of what’s next.
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Building Resilience

Progress is a human instinct and inherent desire. Yet we reached a point where even our most mundane objects are reinvented almost daily and science fiction movies promote more apocalypses than utopias. To not only master but strive within a frequently changing world we need to build resilience. For Service Design this means to share our creativity and optimism. So even in times of trauma we can collectively imagine an alternative reality to jump off to.

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Cultural Systems

Our daily routines are quietly haunted by 24/7 availability, permanent productivity and increasing functionality. It is even more important to build strong cultural systems to give people the chance to take it all in, to connect and create in local and global communities. For us in Service Design culture is not only a heritage or identity, it is also a much needed void to escape the confrontations of our hyper-effective systems and explore our (human) nature together.

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Design for Equity

While we keep developing and solving some problems, other issues become visible. As Service Designers we question fixed mindsets and actively respond to potential challenges. Designing for equity doesn't mean that everyone should be treated exactly the same, but we need to understand the real needs and create a space which allows diversity. We are not equal yet, but we can design the way our world serves us towards an equitable future. Amplifying the voices that need to be heard, find a balance, and enable people to enjoy the same beautiful world.

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New Business

The landscape of our businesses consists of ever new and fresh ideas, while big players are growing in accelerating speed. It’s a race between agility and consistency. As Service Designers we are focused on the legitimacy and purpose of a business and help the existing landscape to flourish. We mediate between the makers and the people and planet to bring together real needs and real visions. Transforming businesses to flexibly progress towards a more social and sustainable future.

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Reimagining Agency

The whole world needs to be reframed and put under construction. So as Service Designers we move beyond the actual invention and think about ways to set an impulse, to educate ourselves and others creatively. Finding ways to distribute knowledge for everyone to make more conscious decisions from the inside. When the immediate environment becomes a complex mesh of responsibilities we need to reimagine peoples agency.

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Responsible Data

Data and new technologies can be both saviours and secret weapons. They are independent, yet the ways they are used or abused are driven by human biases and purposes. What can be the true potential of data? Service designers are stepping in to explore how our technological tools can truly benefit humanity and the planet. And make contributions to health, politics, built environment and education in becoming responsible data.

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Sustainable Culture & Practice

Since the industrial revolution, consumer consumption has been a driving force within the global economy; but today the vast amounts of materials and energy used to supply the markets is leading us beyond safe planetary boundaries. We question the net benefit of some existing practices and propose system interventions that can contribute to the emergence of truly sustainable societies.

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The Class of 2022
Despite the challenges of the last couple of years, the Class of 2022 have managed to find innovative ways to work on a range of challenging projects which have led to inspiring ideas. Their resilience and creativity inspires - find out more about each of our amazing project teams and give them some time to explore their work click on their links and talk to them about their projects.
At the heart of the Service Design course is engagement with real problems in the world. Working with a diverse mix of industry partners, the student work has covered a broad range of projects. This year we have arranged the work around 3 Challenge Labs - Design for Planet, Social Impact and Life Services - that showcase the impact and ethos of service design. Each lab hosts a set of studios looking at what’s next in EV Charging, a circular future of sport, true carbon zero, domestic heating transformation; Alternative to Recall and ensuring life-long financial safety and stability for all;
Thank you to all the partners, from EY Seren, Nationwide, Catch 22 and Adidas who have worked with our project teams for the last few months….
See the profile of each of our students, explore their work and read about their plans for their final projects... Get in touch if you want to get involved
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