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Living well with Andy Wilkins
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
July 22, 2020
About the event:
Our special guest, Andy Wilkins, will kick off the evening with a short talk sharing his perspective on 'Living Well: Radical solutions for our mind, bodies and wellbeing.' This will be followed by a group of students talking to Andy about their projects, outlining how their ideas respond to the challenges they've explored in different contexts. Andy and the students will then reflect on some areas of interest at which point the audience will also be invited to join the conversation.
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who is involved:
Andy Wilkins
CEO @ BE Advisory & Vision4Health
Andy Wilkins is the CEO and Co-founder of BE Advisory and Vision for Health. He is a thought leader, systems thinker and consultant on a wide range of human-centred topics including re-thinking health and care for the 21st Century, value creation and re-thinking policy and strategy in a customer experience age.
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