Alumni In Conversation: Valentina Lopez

Tuesday 28th July
2:00 pm
3:30 pm

MA 2020/2022
The RCA Service Design programme has just graduated its 7th cohort of students and will be joining the 6 other cohorts of alumni currently scattered across the globe, in diverse roles and diverse organisations in the public, private and 3rd sectors - this reflects not only the diversity of our alumni network and their respective backgrounds, skills and interests but also the nature of service design as an evolving academic discipline and practice. The RCA Summer show often acts as a magnet to its alulmni, who come back to see the work of the next generation as well as reunite with old friends. This year, throughout the service design Festival of Better Ideas, we'll be live-streaming 6 mini events called 'Alumni in Conversation', where a past student will share their reflections and experiences on what it means to be a service designer and how best to prepare as our graduates transition from the academic setting into professional practice...
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Valentina Paz Lopez
Service Design Lead
When Valentina left us in 2015 she went on to be Senior Service Designer and then Service Design Lead at Fjord, London. In 2019, she set off to use service design approaches in projects in Nepal, India and Myanmar as part of her work for an NGO. Valentina is currently based in Santiago, Chile.
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