Reimagining Agency

Friday 2nd July
12:00 pm
1:30 pm

Final Show 2021

MA 2020/2022
The world is constantly changing and evolving. As Service Designers, we recognise our responsibilities and reflect on our approach continuously, to facilitate positive changes for society. We acknowledge that humans are at the centre of the community, the organisation, and society. To create change, we have to value people’s agency, their intellect, and their experiences. Together, we drive the possibilities and shape the ecosystem we all want to see. To explore the topic, Sebastian Gier (Senior Designer at BMW, Founder and Curator of Designdrives), and Chris Lee (assistant professor at Pratt. Co-editor of C-magazine) will talk about the impact and the future of democratising design. The talks will be followed by the showcase of 8 projects across industries around the topics of mobility, sustainable consumption, designing for design education, online entertainment, service for caregiving, and organisational development. We design for agency, and we design through reimagining agency. Join our webinar, we look forward to your insights on the topic.
Explore themes:
Chris Lee
Assistant professor at Pratt & Co-editor of C-magazine
Chris Lee is a graphic designer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Chris’ research explores graphic design’s entanglement with power, standards, and the genre of the document. He has contributed projects and writing to Neshan, Decolonising Design, the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Graphic, Volume, and Counter Signals and has lectured and given workshops in the USA, Canada, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands and Croatia. He has exhibited his own research-based design work internationally and as a member of the working group Collective Question which coalesced around research about Tolstoy College, an anarchist educational community within UB SUNY.
Sebastian Gier
Senior Designer at BMW, Founder and Curator of Designdrives
Sebastian Gier is a strategic designer that designs brand-shaping and positive human experience. Besides designing future digital mobility experiences at BMW Group since 2017 he is also running the Designdrives Podcast since 2019 where he interviews design leaders from around the world about the impact of design. Since 2020 this initiative also includes a conference called DDX. He gained many international design recognitions and had the chance to be invited to speak at conferences around the world on design and innovation. In addition to his international work experience in both consulting and in-house studios, he gained a Master in Advanced Product Design in Sweden as well as a Bachelor in Industrial Designs at the Folkwang University in Germany.
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