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Climate Choices with Sophie Thomas
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
July 28, 2020
About the event:
Our special guest, Sophie Thomas, will kick off the evening with a short talk sharing her perspective on 'Climate Choices: What to do and how to do it? The choices we have to make.' This will be followed by a group of students talking to Sophie about their projects, outlining how their ideas respond to the challenges they've explored in different contexts. Sophie and the students will then reflect on some areas of interest at which point the audience will also be invited to join the conversation.
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who is involved:
Sophie Thomas
Founding Director, Thomas Matthews
Sophie Thomas is an unusual mix of campaigner, practicing designer and chartered waste manager. She has been working in the fields of sustainable design, behaviour change and material process for over 20 years; through her design agency, Thomas.Matthews ltd; and through a number of campaigning posts including Director of Circular Economy at the RSA and more recently becoming trustee for WRAP UK. She has assisted global businesses and UK government organisations to define the role of designers within discussions around waste streams, resource efficiency and circular economies, and has worked with major organisations and businesses on new models for circular business, internal communication of sustainable systems and external sustainability campaigns. She is the voice of sustainability on numerous design panels and the voice of design in waste debates.
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