Aha! Is a work performance platform to help students to work better, giving them the ability to manage their time in a more efficient way. It provides an integrated physical and digital working platforms that helps students achieve their study success by boosting their productivity, together with their peers.
Giulio Ferrato
Yi-Tzu Chang
Kenjiro Taniguchi
Aalto University Architecture Department, Aalto University Campus and Real Estate (ACRE)
Co-create a platform for student mental wellbeing.
The mental wellbeing of students is a serious issue for Aalto University. More than twice as many students as the national average are at high risk of study-related burnout, which also affects their academic performance. The university has made health and wellbeing a central part of its campus development strategy and is taking steps to address this. But given the complexity of the issue, improvements at the university level alone have its limitations. This project aims to co-design a service, together with the Aalto community, that serves as a platform for improving student mental wellbeing and creating new campus experience.
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Challenge - Untangle student wellbeing.
Our research revealed that students' mental wellbeing is deeply rooted in their daily lives. Students are stressed by their ambition of study success, and want to improve their routine. Developing social connection is a crucial part of wellbeing, but is also stressful to put effort on.

Aha! Space - A space to get things done.

We provide an integrated physical and virtual working platform that boosts students’ study performance. The physical space, called "Aha! Space", is the place to learn how to learn. It has the rooms to dramatically improve study productivity with a unique time structure that comes with organised workshops by the student associations, where students can go by themselves or with their teammates to learn soft skills.

Aha! App - Boost study performance together with peers.

With "Aha! App" students can do the productivity sessions by themselves and with their friends virtually, anywhere and anytime they want. By utilising the physical and digital spaces, we bring about the best outcome and support system for the students in their campus life.

Our approach - Experimental, collaborative, and ambitious.
Our design journey was strategically experimental, fully collaborative, and enthusiastically ambitious. Through the online co-design workshops and rigorous prototype testing, combined with digital marketing methodologies, we could ensure the whole service was built with the set of well-validated building blocks.
Achievements - For the future development
The project showcases the power of online co-creation, how students can mutually support mental wellbeing , and how simple service intervention with less complexity and cost can effectively help students. We are happy to contribute not only to the Aalto students’ wellbeing but also to the future development of Aalto University.
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