Olympia is a genderless public urinal equipped with the necessary elements for a comfortable, safe, easy and private urinary experience. For anyone who needs to urinate outside of their home.

Lea Roca Roldos
Deepu James
Partnership with Deepu James from London Business School
Public Urination for Everyone
This project aims to address the elephant in the (room) street. The lack of public facilities for womxn to urinate. This project tackles public urination but it's about feminism, advocacy and dismantling patriarchal systems.

Womxn across the globe have at least once cursed silently to themselves, several have discussed it amongst friends, some have shouted and many have had to pay. When you look up "innovative solutions for public urination", what stands for innovation still dismisses the female sex. Olympia aims to rectify this. COVID-19 has given this issue some spotlight. When bars and restaurants were taken away from us, it became more apparent. However, this issue has been here all along.

In May of 2015, a 21-year old woman named Geerte Piening was given a fine of 147€ for urinating in public in Amsterdam. She appealed on the grounds that she had no other option at the moment. However, the judge sentenced her to pay and she decided to take it to court. In 2017, Geerte Piening went to court. The judge dismissed her reasoning by stating that because he hadn't seen any other case like this, there was no need for more public urination facilities for women.

The judge also suggested she use a plaskrul, a urinal for men. If, a woman, were to use a plaskrul, she would have to expose herself and go on to be fined for indecent behaviour. It was acknowledged that there were fewer public facilities for women but the city council was not obliged to provide them. There had never been any policy on public urination facilities. "Women were less likely to use them. There are more men's than women's just because that's how it's gone." said a spokesman for the mayor.


Olympia can be adjusted to your body, your condition. You can adapt it to your preference. It can be used by anyone, men or womxn. A flexible and safe option outside, to cease the disruption of outdoor activities by retreating home to urinate; to cease urinary infections due to withholding urine; to provide homeless womxn an acessible and hygienic public toilet facility and to enable womxn with physical disabilities a flexible option to urinate outdoors. Olympia will be submitted to the Entrepreneurship Summer School in London Business School. We're looking for investors who believe in this idea and see it as an opportunity and a solution for all womxn who currently lack public urination facilities.

The purpose of the animation below is purely instructional to understand the mechanism of Olympia. Therefore, the animation style and colour scheme don't reflect the branding as the future branding has not yet been defined. This branding was made for the final project. For any inquires email me at: learocanrol@gmail.com

special thanks

A special thanks to all the womxn who participated in the creation of Olympia

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