Bebop is a platform that distributes indie music by connecting people. We aim to find more diehard fans for indie musicians and provide a more friendly and exciting way for audiences to access and explore different music.

Hsuan-tzu Shen
Yahe Yang
Lu Chen
Deepu James
Imagine new ways of experiencing music
How many seconds do you spend on average listening to music on streaming platforms? When is the last time you were deeply moved or cried to a song? In the old days, people curated mixtapes for their loved ones. The experience of receiving a mixtape might be pretty different than how we stream on the platforms now. The surprising and cherished experience is something that algorithms couldn’t provide, which is the power of connection between humans. And that's the very beginning thought of the Bebop: to let every piece of music be shared and experienced with love through the connection between people.
The Challenge

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Connecting people with music

We held a participatory workshop and conducted an experiment with musicians and music fans. Something magical happened... In our Secret Santa playlist experiment, we invited 34 music fans to create anonymous profiles (including their music preferences, hobbies and what kind of music they want to explore) and asked them to choose someone from these profiles to create a playlist for. 18 participants curated playlists for others, 19 participants received playlists from other music fans and 15 liked the playlists they received.Participants told us, "This playlist opens up another universe of music for me. Better than any algorithm.” The independent band Qianchuan Drugstore who participate in this experiment as one of the Secret Santas also gained four passionate new fans. "I'm glad that they like the playlists. I'd love to create more if they want!" Qianchuan Drugstore said. We realised music sharing between people can be a fantastic way to lower the threshold to exploring, and it brings magical change to the experience of listening to music. And so Bebop was born!

The Bebop Universe

BEBOP is a platform. It distributes indie music based on social connections.There are four main features: curate, explore, connect and discover.In the Bebop universe, everyone is the DJ. Curate your favorite songs into mixtape capsules to let others explore your taste of music.On the explore page, you can see lots of planets floating by, all capsules that other users create. Catch them before they float away!You can tap the 'high five' button to send other users invitations to become songmates or curate a mixtape for them directly.Finally, the gashapon machine is designed for musicians to curate capsules for fans. Users can draw out a limited-edition capsule curated by qualified indie musicians to discover new artists every day!

Join Our Crew

Come and join us to meet people with niche taste and discover new musicians in the Bebop universe! The team is currently developing a demo version of the application. We are eagerly looking for more unique musicians and passionate music fans to join our demo test. If you are interested, subscribe through the link below, we’ll inform you as soon as the service is ready to go!Subscribe link:

User Feedback and Reflection

We are thankful for the lovely people who helped us along the journey. This project also makes our own playlists richer than ever before by receiving numerous songs form bands and fans. Check out the video below to see some of the lovely feedback from our users!

special thanks

Judah(RCA tutor, our hero)
Mr. Four, Mr. Dada, Lucy, Yi Xiao (passionate music fans from Lanzhou)
Hell Crack, Qianchuan Drugstore, Haematemesis, Default, Zoogazer(remarkable indie bands)
Little bear-Shengjian Records, Howie-Qiii Snacks Records, (lovely indie labels )

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