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MA 2022
Charging anxiety, information gap, habit building, behaviour change

Dr.O is a platform that helps non-EV drivers who are hesitant about the technology of battery or have misconceptions about the charging process to know the truth about EV usage and better get into the EV era.


PA Consulting, cooperated with The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and designed an iconic charging point to encourage more people to switch to EVs. 

So, we teamed up with them to fulfil the service blueprints of the charger.


Charging anxiety comes from the information gap, not the real situation

When we were interviewing people, a lot of them mentioned that their key concern is battery usage. To be more specific, the long charging hours and high frequency of charging may be annoying to them.

However, the reality is quite different from their imagination. From Shell's report, people's daily commute only costs 20% of the battery, which can equal to 20min on fast charging every day.


Insight: Misconceptions come from wrong comparison

1. Compared with a petrol car

Petrol drivers tend to fill up the tank every time, while fully charging an EV is time-consuming and unnecessary. 85% of drivers do not know that fully charging is harmful to the car battery.

2. Compared with other devices

20% power left makes people feel nervous due to the colour change design of our phones, which leads to emotional worries and ignorance of the real situation.

Design direction

How might we give users an opportunity to know the real situation of using an EV, so as to eliminate doubts and reduce charging anxiety.

Final SOlution

Campaign: Monster test —— know your charging personalities

In order to raise people's awareness of the correct charging mode, we designed a system that allocates users into four different types of charging personalities —— Survivor, Booster, Worrier and Freedomis depending on their charging habits.

This test not only included EV drivers but also gave an opportunity to non-EV users to have an initial understanding of sustainable charging habits; both of them would realize that charging for an EV could be different from charging other devices.

Deliver: Step by Step instructions

After finishing the monster test, hesitators can continue their journey to know more personal information about having an EV in the future by clicking and interacting on the website. They will be more clear about the time, place, fee of charging and have the right comparison between petrol cars. We will also recommend the more suitable type of EV for them.

Dr.O saves you from multiple resources and reduces the panic through simple click interactions, thus leading you to a sustainable charging future now!

Value Map

Dr.o gathers users’ data to help the GOV push the progress of transformation and develop better battery technology for the expert and researchers from car manufacturers.

Dr. O builds sustainable charging habits which can help energy companies to reduce the costs of repairing and upgrading their electricity networks and also avoid wasting energy.


:> Thanks to our tutors David, Emily, Richard and Carolyn; your great advice helped us move forward and explore deeper opportunities.

It is a hard time for everyone, but a very special experience for all of us.

:> Thanks to Qian jin, Dan, and Clive to organize so many events letting us contacting with professional people.

:> Thanks, Team15, we cooperate in a fabulous atmosphere, love you all and cheers for we finally done it!