Yuetian Chen

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi, this is Yuetian 🍊.

📖I studied Integrated Innovation Design at Jiangnan University before Service Design,I love communicating with users and understanding psychological behaviours to build warm designs

💡I think design is not just about the self-expression of the designer, but about the process of identifying problems and then trying to solve them. Through rational, integrated creation, I pursue a universal balance and harmony in communication between client and designer. Design is the process of digging deeper and deeper into the essence of design in practice, a process that comes from thinking about life and the designer's keen observation.

💭I wish to continue exploring the intersections of and expanding the boundaries of service design, sustainability and human-centred design.

Final Project

Bloody Yes explores how could use a system enabling parents and schools to work together to build scientific knowledge and attitude about menstruation for kids.

WIP project 2022

Dr.O is a platform that helps non-EV drivers who are hesitant about the technology of battery or have misconceptions about the charging process to know the truth about EV usage and better get into the EV era.