Leggo Squad

A project-based online platform for migrant children to explore their own community and social support that is available.

Yinong Xin
Deepu James
Equitable education and development support for migrant children in China
Leggo Squad connects migrant children with curated online and offline free education resources and public services, and specifically provides local community oriented projects with various goals and actions. By participating in these projects migrant children can explore where they live and start to build goal-driven social support networks. A well-recognised online identity and portfolio on Leggo Squad will also contribute to their confidence and future career development.
Migrant children in volatile environments

There are limited public school positions. Compared to local kids, their education has less diversity and breadth. Also parents are too busy for proper after-school care. Community integration is a problem for both children and parents. They feel excluded, marginalised, and don’t know what kind of local services are available to them.Thus, wellbeing becomes another issue among migrant children. They tend to have a negative mindset towards challenges, and they are always lacking compassion and attention. Because there is less social support for them, they are less likely to reach out for help, which contributes to a more isolated situation.With inadequate development on identity, confidence and social networks, their future can be quite concerning. Their living space and opportunities are squeezed from primary school stage till they become adult citizens. They can end up with limited career growth, and higher crime rate.

Curated education projects and publics services

Leggo Squad provides Community based projects and events. Its online identities give recognition and sense of achievement, which can be carried forward while they change different places. It provides access and feedback loops of local public services so that both children and parents can be more aware of available support and resources.By being a user of Leggo Squad, children can choose to participate in projects based on interests, and collaborate with others, and these projects can help them explore where they live and build connections with social support available to them. When they move back to their hometown, Leggo Squad will take migrant children through an onboarding session, help them stay connected with friends and social workers, and help them to start a new life .

User Development & Journey

Users will meet the facilitator or teacher offline, but at the same time use Leggo Squad to keep up and update with the process. They will know new kids and interaction can happen both online and offline. Finally, after they complete the project, there will be rewards and recognitions that build up their online identity.So users in Leggo Squad will now go through different levels. Enjoy different benefits at each level. When they have enough experience with Leggo Squad and have become a long-term regular user, they will be eligible to post new projects with their facilitator, and be given unique avatar personalisation.The ultimate achievement of Leggo Squad is to provide certifications, in the form of user portfolios and experiences, that helps users be recognised by schools or industry when they finish compulsory education and want to get a job.

Our Vision

Besides our service, from the beginning of the project, we have posted videos and articles on social media, to raise awareness and create empathy.And then I’ve been invited for public opinion collection and analysing towards migrant children.Leggo Squad will have a joint promotion video with other organisations on migrant children’s welfare.What leggo Squad is focusing on are simply 2 things: well-curated and personalised content for quality education, and equitable public recourses. Ultimately by having an accumulated collective voice, migrant children's needs can eventually be heard.

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