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adidas NEXT

Replace 'New' with 'Next'

MA 2022
Upcyle, DIY, Sustainable Fashion, Circular Experience, After Purchase Experience, Long Term Value

adidas NEXT is an innovative learning service that allows consumers to renew their product's life by transforming it themselves. It supports conscious consumers with pathways and means to extend the use and life of their products. Unlike existing services around repair and upcycling in the fashion industry, adidas NEXT provides capabilities and learning tools to the user - making them protagonists than mere spectators.


adidas is a global leading sportswear brand with a long history in sports yet committed to a sustainable future path that supports both people everywhere and the planet. In this collaborated project with RCA, adidas seeks to imagine a circular future and experience for its brand that aligns with their three current brand strategy pillars - credibility, experience and sustainability.


Urgent calls to reimagine the linear consumption of mass production in fashion.

In the UK itself, more than two tonnes of clothing are bought each minute, globally that is 56 million tonnes each year, and it will be 93 million tonnes by 2030. But only 12% of the material used for clothing ends up being recycled. 

The rise in consumption has even got fashion brands worried; many have pledged to tackle this problem by seeking new ways. adidas as a brand wants to reimagine the processes in a new world, no longer dominated by a pattern of ‘take-make-waste’ of products. 

KEY PROBLEM & insights

Consumers’ mind is changing. How about businesses?

The consuming interest of the younger generation has been changing quickly. Young audiences do not just want to buy more clothes but also want the opportunity to create unique pieces, upcycle from their own wardrobes and resell rather than discard. Young people are starting to embrace upcycling and DIY culture alongside the pandemic. 

On the other hand, the shift of businesses is slower. Most businesses are still designed based on the linear model, which encourages “take-make-waste”. As a result, consumers are exposed to a flood of advertisements and social media posts that prompt them to buy more.

That gap staggers sustainably-minded consumers, nipping the chances of their “circular” consuming behaviour by the lack of knowledge or accessibility to such action as well as the pressure for consumption. Consequently, sustainable values are not the key drivers of our purchases yet.


How might adidas incentivize consumers to continue a product’s lifecycle, instead of discarding them, by democratizing and streamlining the knowledge and tools they may need?

Our mission is to support future users who will be willing to do things on their own by taking charge to impact the fashion industry over time.


adidas NEXT : Replacing "new" with "next"

Our service, adidas NEXT, is an innovative learning service that allows consumers to renew their product's life by repurposing it by themselves. It supports all conscious consumers with pathways and means to extend the use and life of their products.

Our service consists of three aspects: recognise, repurpose and share.

First, adidas NEXT encourages consumers to recognise the alternative ways at the product's end-of-use and, thereby, contribute to sustainable futures. When consumers come across a product they are not likely to wear anymore, they can find alternatives instead of discarding them. The adidas NEXT app recognises the product and provides the users with multiple upcycling recipes to transform the product.

Second, the users can repurpose the adidas products based on the users' choice of a recipe by following the step-by-step instructions. Also, adidas Next strives to be inclusive by providing multiple formats of instructions and tool kits for any adidas consumers who do not have the essential tools in their household. The toolkit utilises deadstock material and is created through partnerships with regenerated tool suppliers.

Lastly, the users share the outcomes through social networks. By sharing, the consumers can feel empowered and inspired to try other new repurposing recipes in the future and inspire other conscious consumers.


adidas NEXT allows consumers to rethink their purchasing habits and form new mindful behaviours by recognizing the environmental values and personal needs.

Through adidas NEXT, we foresee a change in the way consumers interact and form relationships with brands. Consumers will be inspired and empowered to take more creative and conscientious approaches after the point of purchase. By tapping into the creative energies of a new generation, adidas can build a new kind of customer relationship with greater long term value.

Our long-term vision is that every single adidas product on the market can be upcycled and repurposed into something new, thereby extending the product’s life and use. We give rise to a future where sustainable values drive the fashion industry through consumer participation.


Special Thanks to our tutor Nicolas Rebolledo-Bustamante for giving us valuable advice and guidance; to Anna and Jeffrey from adidas for the feedback and sharing the internal information; to our tutors from our course, Service Design, for giving us different perspectives on the projects during the reviews; to Brigitte, Carolyn and Clive for organising and supporting us throughout the term; to our interviews and our survey respondents who shared their experiences, thoughts and time for our project.

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