Yosuke Hatanaka

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

After a decade of a professional software engineering career in the web/mobile app industry, I started a new journey in service design at the RCA to develop my critical thinking and user-centred design expertise. The design skills built at the RCA and my professional engineering experience enable me to engage in service development from many aspects from the beginning to the end: from user research, ideation, and prototyping to implementation. I continue contributing to the growth of the start-up service as a design engineer. With these unique skillsets, I continue contributing to the growth of start-up services.

Final Project

Portray is a web-based service which helps a team onboard new members and builds meaningful relationships by encouraging informal communication and building members' profiles through the conversation. It works on the chat tool you typically use, such as Slack or MS Teams, along with web apps, so you can start using it smoothly without switching anything you are used to, just by adding Portray app to your existing communication tool.

Unlike other services, Portray covers a wide range of demands, from getting to know people and building meaningful relationships to sensing signs of isolation.

Portray is a powerful communication catalyst for an emerging remote and liquid workforce.

Now we are developing an app. Find the detail and get in touch here.

WIP project 2022

adidas NEXT is an innovative learning service that allows consumers to renew their product's life by transforming it themselves. It supports conscious consumers with pathways and means to extend the use and life of their products. Unlike existing services around repair and upcycling in the fashion industry, adidas NEXT provides capabilities and learning tools to the user - making them protagonists than mere spectators.


Future of remote work

My theme for the final project: future of remote work

background: This shift will never be back

The pandemic has pushed many of us to work, study and live remotely, disrupting social connection and the conventional way of communication. Organisations need more care for employees' mental well-being in this environment, and it needs to be intensive particularly when they welcome new hires as successful onboarding significantly reflects on their future performance and well-being. Organisations need to design the way of remote care.

Furthermore, this issue will remain even after the pandemic as many professionals want their company to let them work remotely and some will quit otherwise. A good remote work environment won't be a temporary but permanent competence for organisations.

I will work on my final project with this theme, exploring a range of future related to remote working: from new ways of remote collaboration to well-being with a remote environment.

I am also looking for a partner who works on the project together. Feel free to get in touch.

The area of interest

With this background, I am interested in some specific topics such as

  1. new hire onboarding that needs close and welcoming communication and affects their commitment and performance.
  2. physical and psychological wellbeing for remote workers, especially for vulnerable workers such as singles.

Looking for partners

I am also looking for a partner(s) who works on the project together. It may be an organisation that is looking at such problems internally or a consultancy that addresses such issues of their client.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested.