Jeeyoung Sim

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi, I'm Jeeyoung Sim, a service and product designer born in Seoul, South Korea.

Before coming to RCA, I completed my BA in Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in NCSS, Nature-Culture-Social-Sustainability Studies in the United States. Over the years at RISD, I shaped my focus on design to bring more values beyond the functionality and aesthetics of products. Then, I decided to attend RCA to study Service Design, as I saw that learning more about building user-centred experiences and narratives and curating supportive systems for products would bring the means to the values I sought.

Learning Service Design at RCA was a great decision to fulfil my curiosity and develop skills for user-centric design. I practice how the digital media and platform support the physicality to enrich the user experience and provide a service. During RCA, I have been working on various projects impacting society diversely from the future of works of market traders, the guidance for the financial vulnerability and the consumer's after-purchase experience for sustainable fashion in collaboration with the partners such as Ernst & Young, Rainbird AI, and Adidas. 

Final Project

WOT is an abbreviation of "Wear Over Two-Hundred Times." This digital service helps fashionistas seeking to build their wardrobe by decreasing their chances of buying products they are unlikely to wear, and increasing their attachment to products through an understanding of clothing's long-lasting lifecycle.

The slogan "Buy less, Wear longer" is commonly campaigned by sustainable brands, delivering a simple message to establish sustainable fashion habits or lifestyles. However, many still over-consume due to numerous external influences, like social media and marketing, that trigger a desire to consume. Luckily, when consumers make their own predictions about what they will wear for longer periods of time before buying, they can make better choices about their purchases over external influences (even if it means they practice some self-restraint). The more concrete their standards are, the process of prediction can become more precise and clear. WOT is here to make this process enjoyable and engaging.

WIP project 2022

adidas NEXT is an innovative learning service that allows consumers to renew their product's life by transforming it themselves. It supports conscious consumers with pathways and means to extend the use and life of their products. Unlike existing services around repair and upcycling in the fashion industry, adidas NEXT provides capabilities and learning tools to the user - making them protagonists than mere spectators.


Conscious Production and Consumption Experience for a Sustainable Fashion

My final project has a close relationship with the very last project I did in RCA, the adidas NEXT - imagining the circular or sustainable future for fashion. During the research, I was triggered by the power dynamics between brands, industries, and consumers in developing the envisioned landscape and transforming it into co-effort interventions.

The objective for my final project is on how to raise the conscious producing and consuming experience for fashion in the context of South Korea. In this project, I started by framing the conscious experiences under two categories of 'ecological' and 'ethical.' After setting this objective, the three aims are formed as a guide for my initial research.

  1. Find the suiting means and values in sustainability that align with the brand identity of the individuals that can apply from the business framework, production and consumer communication seamlessly.
  2. Learn which consumer communication can reach consumers to the self-awareness of sustainable values and change their consuming behaviours
  3. Measure the success of networking the sustainable fashion business and the ones are related to or wish to become for having a better pool of resources, creating new opportunities for collaboration and, most importantly, sustaining their business.

As an ongoing project, I am open to sharing thoughts on my project or sustainable fashion and sustainability and those who would like to become a part of this project as a sponsor or mentor.