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Jan 30 - Feb 2
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The WIP Show 2020 was the first opportunity to see the emerging talent from the class of 2020.
This year’s students are as passionate and determined as ever to show how we can form human focused, creative solutions to issues and opportunities in the world around us. Whether developing easier access to complex information on how to treat patients with diabetes when they are treated in hospitals to connecting environmental research to the business to business market or building resilience at work, the future of consulting and education, food policy or youth offenders, these projects display ingenuity, a clarity of problem identification and an optimism and energy in designing for impact that is inspiring.  

This year we launched an expression of that spirit; of the course and for the whole of service design. Dynamic, Collaborative, Holistic and Inclusive, with a desire for Plurality, Curiosity, Courageous Innovation and Transformation for People and the Planet are the words the students have chosen to describe our ethos and ambition. At this show we are seeing how the combination of theory and practice, insight and creativity come together to show new ideas for better services and experiences.

In the 9 years since the course at the RCA started, each cohort of students has played an important role in the development of service design as they take roles in businesses large and small, key parts government and policy and with the creative agencies who drive innovation. 2020 is a brilliant time for service design as the impact of work across government, public sector and business becomes tangible and effects much of our life, from the services government provides to our banking experience. New challenges are arriving, the bias of invisible automated decisions, the loss of privacy and data but these can be balanced by our ability to create fairer systems, provide control and ease of access to all.
Explore the work and the people here and watch this space - the Class of 2020 is the future we need.
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In collaborating closely with partners such as the Ministry of Justice, Joint British Diabetes Society, Policy Lab and Planetheon in the public sector and our business partners ThoughtWorks, Philips and Telefonica, students are already influencing and creating a road map to the future not just in services but in organisational transformation.
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Our students come from South America, North America, India, China, Africa, Europe, Korea, Japan and all over the world. They join the program with a vast array of different skills and knowledge from backgrounds such as Sociology, Psychology, Management Consultancy, Government, Fashion, Economics, Digital Arts, Product Design and User Interface Design.
They all come together in the RCA studio to learn about and progress the discipline of service design.
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