Shuning Wang

MA Service Design, 2020
Shuning Wang is a service designer who studied at the Royal College of Art. Shuning completed two Bachelor degrees in Visual Communication and Public Administration before her studies at the RCA. This academic background equips her with abilities to observe insights keenly, think and solve problems with an end to end journey perspective, and convey information in an inclusive approach. She unremittingly explored and practiced the role of service designer through various projects at the RCA. Her envision project “Integro”, which was the winner of a competition held by the Royal College of Art & Alpha Telefónica, helps teenage gamers navigate mixed realities and empowers them to lead a balanced life of integrated play. Also, her energy and sustainability project “Petbee” was chosen as a finalist for the Grand Challenge hosted by the Royal College of Art and CERN. Shuning completed an internship at Tencent last summer, acting as a user experience designer and exploring how digital services can help to advance the rapid iteration of the industry. Furthermore, she also comes to service design from innovation strategy. She practiced through projects of business model innovation, public service innovation and data-driven innovation. Her final project focused on social innovation in healthcare and human wellbeing. This is also the area where she would spare efforts to make further exploration in the future. Shuning enjoys life at the RCA, not only because the RCA is the best place to study and practice her favourite subject in different fields with brilliant colleagues, but also because most of the RCA studios are near Hyde Park.
final show 2020 Project
wip show 2020 Project