Live/by harnesses advances in digital modelling, the growth in material sourcing data, as well as the increased demand for sustainability within design to rethink how environmental considerations and sustainable choices can be integrated throughout the building design process—from modelling through to procurement.
Students involved
Jess Stein
Kiran Dulay
Using Earth Science as a Treasure Map
Develop business to business service concepts that connect earth science knowledge and research into sustainable futures with people and organizations trying to solve them. Show how planet positive futures can influence and evolve business models to encompass social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Live/by is a plug-in solution that enables architects to see the impact of their designs on a range of sustainability metrics in their building models, capitalising on the increased usage of digital modelling within contemporary architecture practice. The service is connected to a sustainable material marketplace, linking these early design decisions to sustainable procurement.


Live/by is designed to be used by architects within a modelling framework that they are familiar with. Architects make decisions based on data with greater awareness of the impact of each design decision while still allowing freedom to design with creativity. By adhering to current environmental building regulations and linking to the environmental context of the building location, Live/by aids architecture practices in achieving a sustainable design.


Live/by grew out of our understanding of the following challenges and opportunities within building design. Begin with modelling: Too often environmental assessment is a late stage add-on. Live/by aims to set environmental metrics as parameters which determine modelling outcomes. Enable easier storytelling for sustainability: Sustainability practices typically engage bespoke storytelling to make the case for their designs. Live/by aims to facilitate easier storytelling around the impacts of design decisions. Engage clients and architects in the sustainability conversation from the outset: There are growing calls from clients for architects to explicitly outline their sustainability approach. Live/by aims to bring clients and architects together from the start of the design process. Harness new data and the growth of digital modelling: Contemporary architecture practice is increasingly moving away from paper modelling to digital 3D modelling. There is an opportunity to link digital modelling to sustainability.


Clients and project leads assign baseline parameters along a range of environmental metrics. These parameters are then reflected in 3D digital modelling software, such that architects can maintain a live view of the impact of their proposed model on these pre-determined metrics. Live/by is also connected to a sustainable materials marketplace, enabling architects to evaluate the impact of different material choices, and to explicitly connect their designs to sustainability.

special thanks:
Carina Johed, Planethon Fredrik Wikholm, Planethon Gustav Borgefalk, Royal College of Art Dr. Qian Sun, Royal College of Art Waugh Thistleton Architects Arbor Architects
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