Transforming the way that wealth managers, client advisors and other private bank resources engage with Young Titans, who have very different attitudes, personal and financial goals and ways of communicating and interacting, from recruitment through on-boarding, goals-based planning, support and development throughout the whole client lifecycle.
Students involved
Hyojin Bae
Taeyeon Kim
Tammy Xiaomin Tang
Yuchi Tina Chu
A major international private bank
Reimagining the Private Banking for the 2020s
Younger affluent customers are demanding technology led experiences and ethical and sustainable options for investment. Define and design new models and mechanics for client engagement for evolving customer types.

Trifolium is a program approached holistically to put together various opportunities of Private Banking Services which are closely related to the folowing missions when dealing with clients: helping young titan to achieve even greater success in their personal and professional life as well as achieve their potential, helping the client advisior to enrich their relationships with clients to become a lifelong companion and support the marketing team effectiveness of client advisor in delivering a more personable, personalised and enriching client experience.


Focusing on HNWI, VNWI and UHNWI, especially for younger generations which are generations X, Y and Z. There are two key factors that they are emerging internationally and a rising number of private wealth is going to women. They are tech savvy, concerned about the ethics and sustainability of their investment and much more entrepreneurial. With another two key stakeholders include client advisors and marketing team as a big picture.


The most massive wealth transfer is going to happen to the next generation in the next 25 years. Digital is a key to financial management and helps to satisfy the diverse needs. Macroeconomic forces have a bigger influence on asset class returns over the long term than any other factor. young entrepreneurs with recently acquired wealth are a growing audience in need of wealth management much earlier in life when they join the private bank, they experience information overload and seek greater control and agency in the planning process. They are proud of their achievement and seeking added value not only in terms of financial security and returns but by enriching their lives.


Personalized Dashboard allows customers to configure their dashboards based on their preferences and experiences. Game of lifelong plan can recap customers themselves thinking about their long term plan and goal, HOW MUCH HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER AND HAPPIER COULD YOUR LIFE BE? and align them with wealth management goal with PB

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A major international private bank
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