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27 Jan - 04 Feb
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Welcome to the
RCA Service Design WIP Show of 2021!
Following our triumphant summer graduation show and Festival of Better Ideas, our 2021 cohort have come together to showcase how they continue to inspire, envision and create new solutions to every aspect of our lives. Expert and proficient in this digital, online world, they lead the way in collaboration, insightful research and direction setting creativity. These students have risen to the challenge and the work showcased in this year’s WIP Show will surprise and delight as well as opening new doors to regeneration and recovery.
This year’s 2021 WIP Show gives us an opportunity to take a deep dive into a series of projects that have tackled some of the key challenges of modern life and society. 
Let’s not forget that this work has been achieved in a period that has been dominated by global pandemic, by teams of students spread from the Americas through Europe and Asia. It’s an incredible achievement and one that reflects the resilience and commitment of the Class of 2021 to continue and rise to the challenges that have had such a massive impact on their RCA experience. 

Service Design is about collaboration and the teams have collaborated through their research and project framing with each other and with our amazing project partner to develop a series of creative and pragmatic solutions to each of the challenges they took on. 
Our audiences, perhaps expecting only the visionary aspect of design, are often surprised at the practicality of service design outputs. We are not here to only imagine new services and solutions, but to understand how to deliver them. For many projects, embracing the reality of delivery became even tougher in a lock down, but, as the projects show, everyone has faced up to reality and proposed brave, visionary but imaginable projects that we can see are possible. For some of the projects on show, the solutions are already in development and on their way to delivery and real impact.

In a virtual environment, the challenges in conversation and dialogue are not easy to overcome but this show is your opportunity to have that dialogue. Every project will be available and ready to respond to your interest. Be inspired by our visionary speakers, watch the students share their visions and solutions and use their project zoom links to start that conversation, delve into their thinking process and cheer them on their way as they prepare for graduation in June. 
This is your chance to invest in the Generation Regeneration and join them on their journey to shape our post pandemic world.
This year students have been formed around a series of Studios, each one working with partners who have brought to life their challenges and shared insight and advice to help shape new solutions.
We’d like to thank our collaborators: North West Hospital NHS Trust, Modal, Fuzzy, BCG, EcoGiff, Fair by Design and Aalto University.
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Once again our students have proved resilient, creative and visionary in rising to the challenges of the time and imaging the world that will come. We are proud of the talent and commitment these students have to each other and their purpose in developing human centred, design driven, system transforming solutions to an amazing variety of challenges. Celebrate their energy and optimism, insight and creativity and drive to make a difference.
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First year's projects
the future of work
This year the WIP show's focus is on Generation Regeneration.
The Future of work is a category which we used to explore the central theme this year.
Our first year students' projects will reflect our findings and creative output towards the future generation of work.
We hope that these projects give you a sneak peek into what we can produce as our first service design project.
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