future of work
During the recent pandemic, our cohort has been ideating, designing and learning new tools to aid our first service design projects. Remotely, we have managed to apply service design specific techniques to bring these projects to life. The experience truly helped shape how we worked as a team and cohort, and we are proud to share with you what we have achieved. 
Each category used the Design Council's Double Diamond as a structure to explore the projects further in a formulaic manner. We have the pleasure to showcase our work for our very first project. 
This project brief was based around the future of work. We have a range of examples that we are pleased to present for future collaboration opportunities. Alternatively, if you are here to see what we have achieved, welcome this is just the start of our journey!
What is a Service Designer?
This video's purpose is to break down the meaning of service design and how it relates to our values and goals. Each question was carefully curated to provoke what it means to be a service designer and how it can be perceived to others in the future. Being a service designer is challenging to define as it is one of many possibilities. Here is our take of what it means to be a service designer.