Ruoyang Sun

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hey! I'm Ruoyang Sun, a service and visual designer from Beijing. I am also a dot connector with multiple problem-define skills.

Striving to participate in collaborative innovation with behavior-led design research methods, I always enjoy empowering people to have more passion and well-being in life. 

Immersing myself in the teamwork wholeheartedly, I know myself better, including my role, strengths, and weaknesses. We helped each other to become a better version of ourselves in the RCA international team.

Final Project 2022

Our community-based career matching platform helps hovering/unemployed graduates studying in the creative industries, who want to find a satisfying career in the future, to better shape themselves against the competitive job market. By providing them with self-evaluated approaches and intuitive analysis reports, graduates learn to adapt to the needs of businesses and make assertive choices about their professional futures.

WIP project 2022

In order to meet the UK's ambitious target of a zero-carbon economy by 2050, all cars sold in the UK will be powered by electric batteries by 2030.

The UK's infrastructure faces challenges in providing electric charging panels for vehicle owners. So to facilitate and incentivize the shift to electric vehicle use, the experience of using electric vehicle chargers should take the next leap forward.

Electric vehicle, Transformation, Experience


Liquid modernity

If you are interested in this topic, welcome to contact me!