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A community-based career matching platform guiding graduates to become self-experts.

MA 2022
Graduates, Future of work, Self-Evaluation

Our community-based career matching platform helps hovering/unemployed graduates studying in the creative industries, who want to find a satisfying career in the future, to better shape themselves against the competitive job market. By providing them with self-evaluated approaches and intuitive analysis reports, graduates learn to adapt to the needs of businesses and make assertive choices about their professional futures.

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Creative graduates from China studying in the UK struggle to make decisions about their future careers.

Due to China's rapidly changing industries, as well as the considerable gap between graduates' educational backgrounds within the Chinese job market, graduates lack the ability to assess and analyze future opportunities, and therefore, are not willing to commit to any of their decisions.


The value proposition has four main functions: community matching, self-evaluation, job search, and teaching students to have a growth mindset.

We started by asking Chinese international graduates, aged 20-26, some questions about their attitudes and perceptions about job recruiting after graduation through questionnaires and interviews. We sought the opinions of our service's stakeholders such as junior designers, HR departments, and career advisers to know what they are doing to help younger graduates with this problem. Through this, we found some overlapping patterns and categorized them into three personas: Hovering Graduate, Confused Candidate, and Contented Seeker.

how might we

Create an empowering environment for those Chinese graduates to be more resilient in the face of a rapidly changing industry and have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to assertively choose their future job, they will eventually achieve their personal fulfillment and life purpose.


CompaSOS: A community-based career matching platform helps hovering graduates studying in creative industries by providing them with self-evaluated approaches and intuitive analysis reports to find satisfying careers.

In the CompaSOS, graduates subscribe to the service to get job recommendations that match their expectations and get feedback from peers in the community who have different working expectations, different job locations, or in the different recruitment stages. As they keep using CompaSOS, the service will track their progress and provide more accurate job recommendations. At the same time, they will have a more credible CV to provide to employers who will continuously add more opportunities from their company to CompaSOS. Employers can subscribe to get candidates' information including their CV and competency analysis. Individuals are able to subscribe to acquire information about specific industries exclusive to CompaSOS.


CompaSOS can provide students with help at any stage of their career journey. Whether they are just starting their careers or have already developed one, our service can help transform the way they pursue new opportunities.

Business Model

For the different needs of students and companies, we offer 5 subscription models.

individual can join the community for free to expand their network, and gain access to industry reports, as well as try self-evaluation tools, while the students can subscribe to view lectures from employers and experts.

• For those who are eager to find a job quickly, an advanced subscription would allow students to access visual reports, track their progress, and give them more accurate job recommendations.

• For the business premium, employers are given more accurate student matches and analysis to help make the recruitment process more efficient.


In comparison to the existing job search services on the market, CompaSOS guides graduates to become a self-expert and learn more about their professional direction, because finding the right opportunity requires decisiveness and assurance in one's own desires. So we expect that CompaSOS can help graduates to find their own direction, step out of their invisible cage, and fly into the sky where they belong. The sky is wide and free, and this freedom is navigated through individual choice.


Special thanks to all our interviewees and prototype partners for their kind participation in the project.

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