Ruiyan Ma

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I’m Ruiyan, an user experience designer that majored in transportation engineering. I have studied Operations research, Service design, Hmi design and are learning coding by interest now. I am always curious about social issues, not just to spot and recognize a problem, but to respond and answer it, and to create an experience that is really challenging and rigorous. In the future, I would like to explore the applications of innovative technologies and processes to the disciplines of art and design within the context of internationally-oriented innovation.

Final Project 2022

Regenerative is a service that helps remote freelancers by providing mentor matching and job matching. Like its name, the vision of this service is to help people to have regenerative careers. The logo here is a caterpillar, which transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly. Th the background of this project starts in China. Many young  Chinese professionals have experienced very intense workloads over the last decade; working from 9 am to 9 pm for 6 days a week (the so-called 996). After working under this condition for a few years, many young professionals are seeking a new career; to work more independently and remotely as a freelancer.

WIP project 2022

SharinGo is a ride-sharing service that uses charging piles as pick-up points to help people with daily commuting.

It enables people to share the ride during commute, leading us to a sustainable future with electric vehicles. 

Charge, share, change. 

Our design raises people’s awareness of electric vehicles, building trust and connection in the community.