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Making space for career change

MA 2022
Seamless, Conversational, Collaborative, Circular

Regenerative is a service that helps remote freelancers by providing mentor matching and job matching. Like its name, the vision of this service is to help people to have regenerative careers. The logo here is a caterpillar, which transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly. Th the background of this project starts in China. Many young  Chinese professionals have experienced very intense workloads over the last decade; working from 9 am to 9 pm for 6 days a week (the so-called 996). After working under this condition for a few years, many young professionals are seeking a new career; to work more independently and remotely as a freelancer.

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the overview

so-called THE prob

After a decade of intensive workloads, many young professionals are seeking to explore new careers so they can work independently and remotely as a freelancer. Here are some numbers: 1) According to the Chinese Bureau of Statistics, there are almost 200 million people in flexible employment; 2) 345 million remote workers in China. 3) 61% of companies are also using some levels of flexible employment. So this is becoming a very big market. 


If we look at the wider range of freelance jobs, there are also the ones with slightly lower career barriers such as takeaway riders, or people who are freelancing but can’t be remote. For this project, I want to focus on the left-top group. They are remote freelancers with high-career barriers. I’ve mapped three journeys to understand pain points and frustration through the user journey map. These journeys are 1) their daily routine, 2) their recruitment and work process, and 3) their career transition journey.

THE Opportunity

I conducted 3 opportunities based on research,

The first opportunity is to help them to improve their work and life balance in remote freelancing conditions.

The second opportunity is to help them to overcome the disadvantage in labour relations and contracts.

The third opportunity is to help them to become and adapt to remote freelancing and flat the curve of this process, especially how to have continuous income.

 After mapping these opportunities by impact and effort, I decided to focus on the fluctuation. So here is how might we question:

How might we help people on their journey of becoming a freelancer and help them to reduce their fluctuation ?"

The service

The entire service design is built around 4 principles. The first principle is seamless, helping smooth their career transition journey. The second principle is conversational, helping reduce their anxiety. The third one is collaborative, helping increase efficiency. The last one is circular, helping keep the community and user active.


Through the mentor matching system, beginners can match with freelancers who have rich working experience in the same field.


By acting as an intermediary, the system provides a more valuable and efficient connection between companies and freelancers.

THE touchpoint

The calendar system can help users quickly set a meeting with their mentor. Each classroom can be seen as a video version of Clubhouse, a space where users can learn and collaborate together while all files in the room are saved to a shared database. After joining the talent system, members can get daily job opportunities. 


Special thanks to my tutor Jonny, who gave me precious guidance and valuable feedback; to my interviewees - those remote freelancers, who shared their experience and knowledge and also help me did several insightful workshop; to my partner - Eleduck, who followed me through the whole project and also gave me this amazing collaboration opportunity.

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