Qinhao Zhang

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I'm a service and industrial designer from Ningbo, China. I hold a BEng Product Design and Manufacture from University of Nottingham. I am curious and passionate about new things and care this world.

Final Project 2022

Rights up focuses on Chinese employees' rights and the future workplace environment.

This service has internal and external phases; for internal phases, we have different stages for our service, which connect, mediate and support. Connect aims to build employees' connections. Mediate aims to use the least costly and quickest way to settle conflicts and support is to provide further legal support and evaluate if external phases are required.

WIP project 2022

SharinGo is a ride-sharing service that uses charging piles as pick-up points to help people with daily commuting.

It enables people to share the ride during commute, leading us to a sustainable future with electric vehicles. 

Charge, share, change. 

Our design raises people’s awareness of electric vehicles, building trust and connection in the community.