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Rights Up

Employees, Rights, Future

MA 2022

Rights up focuses on Chinese employees' rights and the future workplace environment.

This service has internal and external phases; for internal phases, we have different stages for our service, which connect, mediate and support. Connect aims to build employees' connections. Mediate aims to use the least costly and quickest way to settle conflicts and support is to provide further legal support and evaluate if external phases are required.

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According to Regus report and Chinese official figures, thestress level of employees is at an all-time high; average working hours are 47 hours per week and 9.2 hours per day. Ranking no.1 in terms of working hours.Besides, over 70% of people under 34 have work pressure.

If we draw a connection within and out of start-ups, we find two main barriers. The first is between employers and employees. Enterprise social software and fine-grained division of labour create poor communication. Secondly, loose and segregated staff systems make it hard for employees to defend their rights.

How might we create a communication and certification service that connects employees and employers, defends their rights and achieves a sustainable workplace?

Each action of these three levels will follow these steps to implement the services successfully. The first is for evidence collection if there is any infringement happened among employees. Then the joint request will be finished, and mid-levels will make a summary for later reporting. All these actions will be traceable for grassroots and once the management has decided.

Our services won’t charge employees. Their evaluation or assessment of their company is more valuable for our service. We provide employers with certification based on employees’ evaluations and bring companies with a good reputation. We will charge for this service. Also, our service does reduce the local labour bureau stress as we play a role in mediating before arbitration. We seek financial support from them, and as for social media, we grow each other's influence.

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