Aoran Sun

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

'To face the unknown world, all you need is curiosity!'

I'm a service designer who specializes in user research, strategic analysis, and collaborative innovation.

My background includes product design, interaction design, and service design. 

I have practiced what I have learned in companies and translated it into my own practical methodology.

Areas of my interest and practice include:

#Generative AI & Design #Sustainable Design #Healthcare System #Co-creation Workshop

Final Project 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of design and AI collaboration, this project delves into the implications and opportunities presented by AI for designers. 

Focusing on efficiency, creativity, and ethics, my AI Empowerment Workshop brought together diverse designers to co-create future AI workflows. By analyzing user personas and design journeys, I identified pain points at each design stage and harnessed AI's potential, leading to a service proposition for Human-AI collaboration. 

‘AIDE+,’ designers' copilot: all-in-one AI design assistant, enhances the design process and delivers superior outcomes. With a future vision that includes tailored versions and a clear division of tasks between AI and designers, I am dedicated to revolutionizing the design industry through human-AI collaboration.

WIP project 2022

This project investigates the current situation of food waste, analyzing the psychological factors behind people's sustainable behaviors, dismantling the design interventions of food waste, and explores design principles of gamification, recording, and sharing for sustainable food design to provide a path for possible solutions.


The Future of AIGC & Design Creativity

"AIDE+" is an all-in-one AI design assistant that provides robust support to service designers throughout the research, brainstorming, and deliver stages of their design processes. By improving the efficiency and quality of the design process, optimizing the design experience, and ensuring the full realization and application of design outcomes, this platform provides a superior work experience for designers.