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Foodie Record

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A fun, daily diet record & less food waste habit formation App

MA 2023
Food, Waste Management, Sustainability, Behavioural Design,Habbit-forming

This project investigates the current situation of food waste, analyzing the psychological factors behind people's sustainable behaviors, dismantling the design interventions of food waste, and explores design principles of gamification, recording, and sharing for sustainable food design to provide a path for possible solutions.


The project partner, Accenture Song, is a design agency that focuses on product innovation, technological delivery, and business transformation. They work with a series of brands in the sustainability and entertainment sectors.

In the context of 'Leisure and Sustainability', I explored the complex causes and solutions of food waste. Creative experts from Accenture Song provided me with valuable feedback and suggestions


Food, creates pleasure in our daily life.

Eating enough and eating well has always been the basic need for human survival, and the habit of excessive storage and eating is also a product of the scarcity mentality left by human evolution.

But is this habit suitable for modern and future society?

On the earth, 1/3 of the edible food is wasted due to human factors every year. Behind these food waste phenomenon is the occupation of a large amount of resources.This includes the waste of land, water, labor, materials, and financial resources in food production, production, processing, and transportation. Under the vision of sustainability and carbon neutrality, what is the balance between food production and consumption that should be achieved for human life?


By defining the target group and their behaviour, I analyze and summarized young people's food-related journeys and the corresponding emotional changes and pain points.

Through the Intervention Hierarchy map, I was able to define targeted solutions using different methods depending on the stage.

How might we design a service that allows young people who struggle with intention and action follow through to have fun eating and recording food, while guiding them to rethink their habits around food waste, thereby forming good eating and food storage habits in order to reduce food waste in their daily life?

service proposation

Through the elevator pitch, I further defined the characteristics and main functions of the service.

The ideal pathway revealed changes in information and awareness that the target users are exposed to when they utilise the service at different food-related stages. 

The Service Solution

The UI prototype visualizes the user's service experience when being used. 

Foodie Record is a fun, daily diet record & less food waste habit formation App, it has following features:

  • Helps you record your unnoticed eating habits on a daily basis and creates monthly food reports to provide adjustment suggestions. 
  • Discover the stories behind the food and learn about the unique connection between the food you eat and the planet.
  •  In meeting your daily dietary needs, the game guides you to establish good food purchasing standards. It also recommends storage and handling habits, helping to reduce food waste and unnecessary expenses. 
  • Visualize your contribution to the planet and hungry children and share your green rating with your friends to become a pioneer in action among your peers.

Special thanks to my tutor Richard Atkinson for guiding me and encouraging me throughout the entire journey, to my client team Oliver Pattenden, Ollie Greenwood and Rachael Quarmby from Accenture Song for their valuable feedback and continuous support; to all the food waste-related organizations and companies involved in this project for their kind conversation and advice; to all my other cohort and tutors in Service Design for their accompany which make me not feel alone by doing this project myself. Best wishes!

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