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The Future of AIGC + Design Creativity

MA 2023
Artificial-Intelligence , Design-Creativity, Design-Thinking, HCI, Co-creation, Futurology

In the rapidly evolving landscape of design and AI collaboration, this project delves into the implications and opportunities presented by AI for designers. 

Focusing on efficiency, creativity, and ethics, my AI Empowerment Workshop brought together diverse designers to co-create future AI workflows. By analyzing user personas and design journeys, I identified pain points at each design stage and harnessed AI's potential, leading to a service proposition for Human-AI collaboration. 

‘AIDE+,’ designers' copilot: all-in-one AI design assistant, enhances the design process and delivers superior outcomes. With a future vision that includes tailored versions and a clear division of tasks between AI and designers, I am dedicated to revolutionizing the design industry through human-AI collaboration.


Cooperate with HAIA: Human-AI Alignment on the human-centered valued framework and Assessment prototype test

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What does AI mean for designers?    

To delve deeper into this topic, I explore three key aspects: Efficiency, Creativity, Ethic

As designers, we play an irreplaceable role in the creative process with human interaction. However, with the evolving times, it is essential for designers to embrace the responsibility of effectively collaborating with AI technologies.

This entails understanding how to work with AI and acknowledging its black-box nature and unpredictable potential.

What is the collaborative relationship between AI and designers?

Furthermore, designers need AI to provide clear interfaces, effective assistance, and support. AI relies on designers for critical thinking, intuitive decision-making, and effective information analysis.

I propose an AI Pyramid guide principle for AI+design applications.


I led an AI Empowerment Workshop to explore and address designers' needs regarding AI. With 28 diverse designers from 8 design schools and companies, we held a 3-hour online + offline workshop to co-create future AI workflows.


The structured agenda included exploring productivity expansion, defining AI-designer relationships, designing AI-empowered processes, and delivering practical methodologies. Participants trialled AI tools, conceptualized workflows, and shared experiences.


The outputs included 14 individual AI-design processes and key findings in Human + AI Design collaboration map.


Participants expressing eagerness for future similar events. The workshop successfully expanded methodologies, enriched workflows, and generated innovative ideas.

How might we assist designers who aspire to integrate AI tools into their future workflows, by offering a one-stop AI tool with design thinking guidance, thereby enhancing their work efficiency and maintaining their core creativity, all while adhering to ethical principles?


Through a clear understanding of our future goals, analysis of user personas, and design journeys, I have identified the pain points experienced by designers at different stages of the design process.

Additionally, I have explored the potential of AI assistance at each stage. By integrating these insights, I have developed a service proposition for Human + AI Design collaboration.


‘AIDE+’ is an all-in-one AI design assistant that provides robust support to designers throughout the research, brainstorming, and delivery stages of their design processes.

By improving the efficiency and quality of the design process, optimizing the design experience, and ensuring the full realization and application of design outcomes, this platform provides a superior work experience for designers.

Future Vision

My service evolves through different versions, providing tailored features and benefits. The business model includes a Basic version, a Personalized version, and a future Ultimate Copilot. The collaboration between me and AI involves a clear division of tasks, combining AI's data analysis and insights generation with my strategic thinking and creative decision-making.


I extend profound gratitude to my mentor Emily for her invaluable guidance throughout this process. 

Thanks to Richard for bridging the collaboration with HAIA and organizing enriching workshops. My sincere thanks to head of programme Clive for his unwavering support. Appreciation goes to workshop facilitators, participants, and friends who've engaged in insightful exchanges during this journey!

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