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Couples’ platform offering experiences to choose favourite home products

MA 2022
Consumerism, Transformative Experience, Learning, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Behavioural Change

Favihome is a couples' platform offering experiences to choose favourite home products. The whole service is for young couples under their 30s who will start to live together in London and need to update their way of choosing things with their partner. Both online sessions and offline events are designed based on users' 12 categories of values.


We aim to transform consumers' shopping habits to live with only their favourites, achieving both the quality of life for individuals and the sustainability for the planet.


Lionsgate Property Management, the UK’s No.1 real estate agency for Chinese oversea landlords, helped us understand target customers and the situation in the industry. They expressed a strong empathy for our proposal and agreed to test future prototypes together.

Replenish Earth, a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons, also supported us in reaching out to target users by spreading the survey in the research process.

We highly appreciate their continuous support.


After researching consumers’ shopping habits through desk research, street interviews and online workshops, we decided to focus on couples under their 30s who start living together in London. They need to update their way of choosing things with their partner and we want to leverage the opportunity to form a new habit.

In our research, we found that couples had big conflicts in choosing home products together. Therefore, we focus on things, which are durable and used at home with partners.


In the beginning, we had an assumption that each person has different favourite interior styles and it would be hard to find something which satisfies both of their needs. However, after having in-depth interviews, we realised that many conflicts were rooted in differences in what aspect they put priority on when choosing home products.

Currently, couples reach their way to make decisions after overcoming difficulties and experiencing failed shopping. We intervene before their moving day when couples buy many things that they might have to live with for decades. 

How might we provide proper guidance before moving day for young couples who start to live together in London so that they know how to choose favourite home products together?


Favihome has three steps. First, the 12 Values Test is a free 10min online test to know what motivates choices of home products. It helps users to understand themselves and their partners' way of thinking. Based on the test result, we offer a 30min online session to advise them from a trained facilitator and organise various events with partner companies to choose favourite home products.

Underneath its user experience, we offer training programmes aimed at retail salespeople in understanding consumers' mindsets deeply and skills to navigate their transformation with prompt questions and advice based on the result of the 12 Values Test. We qualify them as facilitators to deliver online sessions. This programme can be an opportunity for career development and side business for salespeople. Also, we work with partner companies to advertise the platform to target users and organise events. For example, we presented our service to a renting company, Lionsgate Property Management, and we are working together for further research and prototyping.


We organised 30 minutes of user testing and invited couples to test if our activities and prompt questions help them choose a favourite home product. Before and after the test, participants were asked to write down what steps they would need to buy a product with their partner and see what changes they made. We could confirm that test users added some steps to make a better decision with their partners.

Favihome aims to implement transformative experiences throughout urban cities. Couples hop around various events based on their interests, enabling them to spend more time choosing a product carefully. We don't think their shopping habits change at once, so Favihome leverages urban infrastructure, including shops and salespeople, to deliver transformative experiences for customers to live with favourite home products for their well-being and the planet's sustainability.


Special thanks to our tutors, Judah and others for guiding us throughout the entire journey; to our partner organisations, Lionsgate Property Management and Replenish Earth for their continuous support and valuable feedback on our project.