Jiayi Wang

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hello, I'm Jiayi, a service design student from the Royal College of Art. I'm interested in sustainable wellbeing design

I got the bachelor degree in digital media art from Beijing institute of fashion technology in 2020 , and participated in many interdisciplinary projects during my university study, like cooperation with fashion design, interior design and architecture. In addition, I have some internship experience, such as interactive design in an Internet company, assisting curator and participating in visual design of exhibitions in art museums, and organising activities for pop-up store.

'HAPPY EVERYDAY' is my own philosophy in my mind. I am a curious person and really like to try all kinds of things. During the two years of studying in RCA, I found that 'service design' is everywhere, which can combine with different industries and bump into new ideas. In the future, I don't want to put limits on myself. Do whatever I want and enjoy every day. 

Final Project 2022

Favihome is a couples' platform offering experiences to choose favourite home products. The whole service is for young couples under their 30s who will start to live together in London and need to update their way of choosing things with their partner. Both online sessions and offline events are designed based on users' 12 categories of values.


We aim to transform consumers' shopping habits to live with only their favourites, achieving both the quality of life for individuals and the sustainability for the planet.

WIP project 2022

TIMO, a human-centred data platform, connects drivers and communities across a dynamic network of 25,000 local UK chargers. We are shaping a smooth transition to EV and a zero-carbon future worldwide.