Natsumi Tabusa

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I aim to achieve a culturally rich lifestyle and society by implementing transformative experiences for customers in everyday services.

Before coming to the RCA, I worked in the traditional handicraft industry in Japan and developed new businesses such as launching a retail shop in Kyoto, planning new rooms in hotels, operating a repair service for broken dishes and so on.

I believe that service design will change how people see, choose and enjoy everyday products which are strongly related to vernacular nature and history.

Final Project 2022

Favihome is a couples' platform offering experiences to choose favourite home products. The whole service is for young couples under their 30s who will start to live together in London and need to update their way of choosing things with their partner. Both online sessions and offline events are designed based on users' 12 categories of values.


We aim to transform consumers' shopping habits to live with only their favourites, achieving both the quality of life for individuals and the sustainability for the planet.

WIP project 2022

Vision is an end-to-end service that helps people effectively manage their savings and start making early investments to build a financially sustainable future. It provides users with the necessary tools and information while facilitating an aided behavioural change to make better financial decisions.