Talk & Brew

TALK&BREW is a service that aims to enhance the communication between employees and foster soother relationships in the workplace through a cup of tea. Reflections on the emotional state will also make work environments warm and comfortable by Artificial intelligence.
Students involved
Hyejin Lee
Jina Kim
Runa Yu
Telefonica Alpha
Solving chronic stress in the workplace.
Chronic stress is becoming a global public health crisis with costs for both employees and employers. Select a problem area and develop a service to help users understand the levers of their own mental and physical wellbeing and help them build resilience and take action to prevent stress.

Talk&Brew is designed for employees to build good relationships with themselves and with other colleagues at work by having meaningful and open conversations while having a tea. The service helps people discuss, confront their emotion quickly and validate their own assumptions with others. Eventually, they are suggested to take micro-actions, to develop and copy new skills and grow their emotional intelligence to build resilience through enjoying the ritual of tea.


Talk&Brew has been designed for employees who want to enhance the belonging to their teamwork in order to mitigate loneliness and build good relationships. In addition, it helps companies to expolre drivers of positive and negative emotional states of their employees through data analysis to make the difference in the work environment.


Working with stress is a global issue tha increases the risk of developing mental disorders and illnesses. In the U.K, every year, more than 5,000 workers die from this. The prevalent and common causes of stress for workers are due to bad relationships in the workplace, in many cases causing loneliness, an emotional state of feeling disconnected from the others, a problem that is twice as serious as obesity. The critical triggers of loneliness are fount out how to communicate with oneself and others which further foams vide, culture and work environments at work. Therefore, the focus of this project is to help them to perceive, manage emotions and improve communication skills.


Talk&Brew opens with employees taking care of emotions by themselves and changes workspace to a healthier relationship environment through a cup of tea. At the moment of taking a break with a cup of tea, people can capture emotions and triggers from pallet to understand themselves correctly. The matching tea to the states of the feeling and drivers is being brewed and beautifully designed cup also speaks out of your mind. Not only for oneself, but workers can also make a bridge with your co-workers and a team. By selecting another mode, sending appreciation or sharing tea with teammates are possible to make meaningful conversations and enhance the relationship. Talk&Brew also sustains the physical space more warm and comfortable by managing temperature and light via reflecting data of the emotions.

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