Yahe Yang

MA Service Design, 2021
I graduated from Tianjin Chenjian University with an industrial design B.Eng. in 2017, currently studying Service design at RCA. Passionate to practice service design thinking for solving social problems and interested in research and analyzing human behavior in order to approach people’s needs. The experience of studying RCA makes me enjoy group cooperation and explore the possibilities of design
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Final project proposal
Empowering the next wave of independent music artists
In the music industry, when royalties and resources have been controlled by mainstream record companies for a long time, it is not easy for independent musicians to survive. Many of them even have to work part-time to keep creating music. But with the rise of streaming music, the traditional music marketing model is gradually being replaced by digital marketing. Record companies are facing a crisis of transformation, and the market segmentation has also given independent musicians more opportunities to be discovered and seen. In addition to making music, to find unique audiences and establish connections with them has become an important topic for independent musicians today. How do we use human centric thinking and strategic design to assist musicians in exploring and building their own personal brands, and develop a stable fanbase, to bring continuous income, and create new opportunities for themselves?
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