Zhao Qi

MA 22/23

I have 6 years of experience in UI/UX design and 2 years of experience in business.

With my six years as a designer, I have honed my interaction software skills and learned how to analyze user preferences and needs, which will be useful for my future studies. My constant learning and practical projects have led me to realize that interaction and user experience design can not only be applied to mobile or PC pages but also to more products and services. As such, I have sought out opportunities to expand my experience and knowledge of user experience design across a wider range of products in my third job as a UE Designer. 

My two years of experience as a milk tea store boss in the Philippines have enabled me to see service design from a more holistic perspective. Through my overseas experience, I have gained a deeper understanding of multicultural communication in diverse cultures as well as the different needs of people in different countries. Through distribution of detailed questionnaires, I also carried out a survey on the opinions and preferences of my customers in order to improve my service quality and enhance the brand's popularity. As a result of this experience, I was able to discover market demands and think from the perspective of customers, which improved service quality and customer satisfaction.

Final Project

The Happy Living Alone project is dedicated to alleviating loneliness for young people living alone in large cities. Our goal is to turn the experience of lonely living into a joyful and fulfilling one, even within the confines of rental accommodations. Through innovative service design, we aim to help young urban dwellers embrace the state of being alone, feel a sense of belonging, and cultivate a self-sufficient life.

WIP project 2022