Yuanhao Liu

MA 22/23

Yuanhao Liu is a multi-disciplinary designer specialising in UX, service and industrial design. 

After graduating from RISD industrial design in 2020, Yuanhao embarked on a professional journey as a UX designer in Huawei. Over the course of two years, Yuanhao worked as a UX lead and delivered the first mobile app for AITO, a car brand Huawei took partnership in. Working closely with cross-functional teams, Yuanhao gained valuable insights into the intricacies of designing for complex digital ecosystems and developed his skills in delivering engaging digital experience end-to-end from product strategy to usability testing.

Building upon his experience as a UX design professional, Yuanhao is currently pursuing a master's degree in service design at the RCA. This academic endeavour allows him to expand his knowledge and explore the intersection of design, business, societal impact and technology in a holistic manner. Through his studies, Yuanhao aims to leverage his diverse skill set to create innovative solutions that transform services and systems, especially in fields of mobility, electric vehicles and community design.

In his free time, Yuanhao stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and events. In 2021, his project collaborating with peer designers at RISD won the Red Dot Award-Design Concept.

Final Project

For London black cab drivers who want to better adapt themselves to the EV system, our solution is a service platform named EV GO that provides personalised support for the use of cars and an online community that shares knowledge and experiences, which may help those who are new to understand this system and form their routine faster and smoother.

WIP project 2022