Youngin Park

MA 22/23

Youngin is a passionate service designer, a dedicated design researcher, and a strategic leader. She excels in identifying real problems and pain points, ranging from individual challenges to broader societal issues. With a user-centred approach, She actively creates impactful experiences and adopts a holistic problem-solving mindset. Her expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions within dynamic environments, and she is particularly driven to explore social and climate problems, leveraging her deep understanding of stakeholders, ecosystems, and policy design. Her valuable experience as a design assistant at the IPCC has honed her skills in visualizing and prototyping concepts, efficiently managing events and developing a keen eye for detail. With meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in design and prototyping tools, she brings a fresh and innovative approach to service design.

Final Project

Despite of free testing services provided from the NHS, there are challenges within individual and social behaviours resulting in record-high levels of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. We focus on addressing these challenges, specifically among casual daters who are at high risk of catching STIs. 

To combat this, we propose an innovative solution that combines personalised sexual preference exploration with AI-powered assistance to motivate individuals to plan and adhere to their own STI testing regimen. Ultimately, our goal is to empower young heterosexual adults aged 18 to 24 to take control of their sexual health and reduce STI rates as a social shift.

WIP project 2022