Yashasri Sadagopan

MA 22/23


I am a Service/UX Designer and Design Strategist with a background in Computer Science and possess 4+ years experience across healthcare, technology, mobility, finance and social impact. With a background in technology that enables me to design for practicality coupled with a practice in Experience Design that provokes and pushes me to design with empathy, I bring an ability to look at systems and services through a multidisciplinary lens. Through my work in professional life as well at the RCA, I strive to design for complexity by co-creating with people, businesses and stakeholders to create strong value propositions and transformational change.

At the RCA, I have done projects in public policy with the United Nations, Intelligent Mobility studio and Future Finance Lab. At Imperial College Business School, I have taken MBA modules and am currently designing sustainable in-orbit services in the space industry.

Professional Snapshot:

Philips: UX/Service Design for enhancing usability of diagnostic imaging systems and improving service workflows for clinicians to impact quality of life for patients in hospitals.

frog design: Designing for Inclusivity and Accessibility, working with clients and management consultants from Capgemini Invent.

Accenture Song: UX Design and Strategy working with top level management, clients and stakeholders in business operations and analytics across NA, EMEA and APAC geographies.

Public Event 2023

Digital Nomads are a new generation of people who travel freely and work remotely. In a post-pandemic world, with a push towards remote work, there has been a redefining of work-life balance, changing values and dynamics, lifestyle and happiness. The digital nomad demographic is a significantly growing one and it is important for organisations to understand, align and support them.

Through our research, we realise that digital nomads face financial and regulatory concerns and our goal is to support them resolve these challenges so that it will enable them to pursue this inspiring journey. We are deriving inspiration from the Reverse Speculation approach provided by UBS and investigating how banks and financial services institutions can help digital nomads achieve holistic financial wellbeing and happiness.

WIP project 2022