Xin Wang

MA 22/23

Hi, I am Xin, a curious thinker. I focus on user behaviour and the patterns behind the surface phenomenon and try to discreetly predict the next possibilities. I engage in community culture shape, user behaviour research, and brand positioning. Study experience in the UK, Italy and China has cultivated my unique way of thinking and sensitivity. I perceive culture as a society's personality and am willing to be a cultural communicator and an innovator. 

I care about human feelings, the meaning behind their behaviours. I think design is a way to restructure various elements to achieve a set purpose.

Final Project

While working, we are constantly forced to perform to be an ideal person as a professional.

Project managers, as key communicators in the workplace, always need to motivate their teams and satisfy their clients while meeting the demands of their superiors.

Such emotional labour is often under-recognised despite its importance in their business and its significant impact on their well-being.

We aim to raise self-awareness of the emotional labour they are performing and develop emotional management skills using an enjoyable approach inspired by Bingo game.

WIP project 2022