Wanru Yang

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Wanru yang is a designer with a background in industrial design and UX. Logical and empathetic, creative and practical, wanru yang is committed to finding the balance between complex systems and creating new service thinking and solutions. Wanru believes in the 'power of people' and the 'power of community'. Only by starting with real needs, embracing dynamic and ever-changing social issues, and thinking outside the box, can the power of service design be brought into full play. Wanru is a designer and also a thinker, she believes that it is not the glamour of the solution that designers are after, but the insights and innovative problem-solving perspectives.

Final Project

#HerTimeHerMove is a project based in Lewisham, aiming to provide safe, comfortable, and fun sports opportunities for girls aged 11-16 to increase their sports participation and build active habits.

This project is in collaboration with London Sport, and the first phase has already been launched at the Lewisham Comm Unity Space, providing a safe sports space for local girls.We have approached the project from three aspects: space transformation, event planning, and marketing promotion. We have transformed the local community spaces into dedicated sports spaces exclusively for girls during specific time periods. Through #HerTimeHerMove, girls in the Lewisham area can now enjoy a free, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable new sports experience.

WIP project 2022

In this project, we identified people's concerns about climate change, especially for the younger generation, who will have to live with the long-term effects of our present actions or inaction, which can be recognised as climate anxiety. It can create barriers to engage in climate action, as people feel overwhelmed with negativity and struggle to enact real change.

So 432 Habitat was created. A digital audio service with climate healing and real actions, which encourage Gen Z & Gen Alpha (who have to co-exist with climate anxiety for decades) to value and treat climate anxiety. Thus, helping people beyond paralysis and into action.