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Build lifelong strength and confidence for teenage girls

MA 2023
Public Service, Sports, Feminism, Wellbeing, Community

#HerTimeHerMove is a project based in Lewisham, aiming to provide safe, comfortable, and fun sports opportunities for girls aged 11-16 to increase their sports participation and build active habits.

This project is in collaboration with London Sport, and the first phase has already been launched at the Lewisham Comm Unity Space, providing a safe sports space for local girls.We have approached the project from three aspects: space transformation, event planning, and marketing promotion. We have transformed the local community spaces into dedicated sports spaces exclusively for girls during specific time periods. Through #HerTimeHerMove, girls in the Lewisham area can now enjoy a free, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable new sports experience.


London Sport is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and supporting sports and physical activity in London. They work collaboratively with various partners and stakeholders to create opportunities and remove barriers, aiming to increase sports participation across the city. London Sport's initiatives focus on improving health, well-being, and community engagement through sports, making London a more active and vibrant city for all.


Teenage Girls experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth. This affects how they feel, think, make decisions, and interact with the world around them. Physical activities can not only help teenage girls promote physical well-being, but also build resilience, courage, and confidence. However, from the onset of puberty, many girls experience a significant drop in their engagement in physical activity. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including body image anxieties, limited access to suitable sports facilities, and societal expectations.

Recognizing the importance of adolescence as a crucial developmental stage, our project aims to empower girls through sports and foster their self-confidence. We believe that by promoting sports participation during this critical period, we can instill a sense of female empowerment and help girls develop their physical and mental strength.


Through extensive desk research and user surveys, we endeavored to understand the reasons behind the decline in physical activity participation and loss of interest among teenage girls. The research revealed complex factors influencing their involvement. From the perspective of many teenage girls, appearance anxiety, body changes, and gender roles hinder their interest in physical activities, leading to reduced engagement. Externally, limited support and appealing opportunities during this crucial and sensitive developmental stage contribute to the decline.

Having gained insight into their challenges, our aim is to find effective solutions. To identify a starting point, we posed two key research questions: What aspects do teenage girls prioritise in their physical activity experiences? What kind of physical activity experiences do we need to provide? By delving deeper into these inquiries, we can develop targeted strategies to address the underlying issues and create engaging and empowering experiences for teenage girls.


After deeper interviews with girls and stakeholders, we found our key insights. During adolescence, teenage girls are someone in the middle, they want something in the middle, in the middle of play and structured sports. Play are too childish, and structured sports are too competitive. Also, especially for teenage girls, they really value comfortable atmosphere and friendly socialising in team activities.


How might we create a space that caters to teenage girls' unique needs to keep them active and involved, get them through that period and embrace the joy of physical activities?



In collaboration with London Sport, we have discovered an exciting opportunity to transform community spaces in Lewisham, creating dedicated sports areas for local girls. Our project aims to provide them with inclusive and empowering spaces for physical activities.

#HerTimeHerMove is a Public Service based in Lewisham, aiming to provide safe, comfortable, and fun sports opportunities for girls aged 11-19 to increase their sports participation and build active habits. #HerTimeHerMove can also be an initiative for all the girls to embrace the joy of physical activities.


Our strategy involves a three-step plan to deliver our services. Firstly, we focus on space transformation. Secondly, we curate engaging activities. Lastly, we implement effective promotion and outreach efforts. We want the teenage girls to first become participants, then become explorers, finally, become influencers.

Step 1: Space Transformation:

Recognising the limited availability of dedicated spaces for girls' physical activities within the community space, we have ingeniously utilized display boards to create a private area during designated time slots. Additionally, we have transformed a corner of the space into a vibrant and comfortable "Bar" (alcohol-free) where girls can rest, socialize, and enjoy a refreshing atmosphere.

Step 2: Activity Curation:

In addition to regular sports classes, we have introduced innovative co-creation games like "Blankdice." This game involves a hexagonal dice with a writable surface, encouraging girls to collaborate and create their own sports game rules. Moreover, we invite local artists to organize cultural-themed physical activities, fostering a sense of creativity and exploration.

Step 3: Promotion:

To promote the project, we have established a multi-platform social media presence under the hashtag #HerTimeHerMove. We encourage girls to share their unique experiences and creative ideas related to physical activities. Furthermore, we have appointed Young Leaders to empower girls in organizing and promoting #HerTimeHerMove initiatives.

Through our comprehensive approach, we aspire to empower girls in Lewisham to embrace physical activities, cultivate their confidence, and foster a sense of community through #HerTimeHerMove.


Enable - Our service design solution aims to provide teenage girls with appropriate spaces and options for physical activities, fostering understanding and inclusiveness. We strive to create environments that cater to their unique needs and promote confidence and motivation.

Engage - Through the #HerTimeHerMove service and as an initiative, we encourage more girls to actively participate in sports activities. Our goal is to ignite their interest, make exercise enjoyable, and help them understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Empower - During this critical stage of life, we empower teenage girls to realize their own power in sports activities and provide them with the confidence and strength that will last a lifetime.

Next steps

Currently, the first phase of the project has been launched and implemented in the Lewisham community space. We will continue to collaborate closely with London Sports to enhance our services and better cater to a wider range of communities. Our aim is to embrace the power of the female perspective and create a sports world that is inclusive and empowers everyone.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Janna and Chris from London Sport, along with the other supportive staff members, for making our ideas a reality. We are also grateful to Ramon from Lewisham CommUnity Space, Andrei from Three Corner Playground, and the staff at Battersea Sports Centre for their invaluable support and guidance. Also deeply grateful to our friends, particularly Qinjing and Linfeng, who gave us lots of help.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all the girls and women who have shared their stories and ideas.

Lastly, a special thank you goes to our tutor, John, for his continuous help and support throughout the journey.

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