Quwenke Li

Open Studio: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Quwenke Li is an Interdisciplinary service designer with a focus on Sustainability and Anthropology.

Her work in user experience, media, and product design these have allowed her to stay focused on the inner consciousness of life and the external connections, gaining insights into the manifestation of cause and effect.

Combining this with science - a pioneering tool for exploring the unknown - can assist her in identifying problems with existing systems and developing new design solutions.

Her studies at the RCA have enabled her to constantly update her design thinking while remaining innovative. To create value by fusing business realities in a humanitarian manner.

final project 2022

WIP project 2022

Breeze, is a service that celebrates the power of Art. By using arts and crafts, Breeze enhance refugees’ emotional sustainability, helping them in expressing feelings, generate income and better integrate into the new environment. Breeze consists of 3 aspects: making art, selling art, and connecting with the wider community, which relieves the stress and anxiety of refugees on emotional, financial, and livelihood levels respectively.