Takuro Nuruki

MA 22/23

Takuro Nuruki is a strategic designer, service designer and editor from Japan.

He studied journalism at Waseda University in Japan with a degree in political science. He then worked as a strategic designer at the Japanese creative agency Hakuhodo for eight years, doing communication design for advertising and service design.

He then studied at the Institute of Innovation at Musashino Art University and obtained a Master of Design in 2021. He founded the creative collective POT to explore the possibilities of narrative and started to publish artistic activities and magazines.

In 2022 he enrolled at the Royal College of Art MA Service Design. His flagship work, the independent travel magazine "polaris", is now available in about 40 bookshops, mainly in Japan and the UK. He is an explorer and artist who looks at people's fragmented narratives and discovers new interpretations of the world.

Final Project

Polaris is a travel magazine and artist collective based in Japan and the UK with the theme of "the journey of contemplation". We currently sell our magazine in over 40 bookstores in both countries.

The journey of contemplation not only makes you move physically but also spiritually through the act of travelling. It is a journey that takes you out of the tiny world that surrounds you now and lets you experience the world with your whole body.

We do not focus on popular scenic spots, tourist attractions, or Instagram-worthy sites. We are compiling ordinary people’s narratives all over the world to acquire different interpretations of the world to contemplate their life.

Through the journey, you come into contact with the "life" of different people, encounter new values, and find your own way of life. What we would like to propose is travelling as a means to continually broaden one's horizons. Our interpretation of the journey is a catalyst to acquire different perspectives between people and the world to enrich the meaning of people's life.

This project will be more than just a magazine, become a platform for people to make their personal narratives. Polaris works as a catalyst for people to embark on a "journey of contemplation" as their personal narratives resonate and create different perspectives on the world.

WIP project 2022