Swathi Muralidharan

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Swathi Muralidharan is a Service Designer whose practice focuses on systems design informed by relationships between human perspectives, business functions and technical capabilities. Her work aims to design and develop services and strategies that employ systems thinking and a human-centred approach to create value at the intersection of people, business, and technology.

Prior to her master's, she graduated with a degree in BE Electronics and Communication Engineering. She began her professional career as a Systems Engineer at Infosys Limited with work experience that spanned over 2.5 years. Her work primarily included Agile IT projects (Product Development and Quality Assurance) for multiple US-based clients.

She has worked on multiple design projects in retail, finance, sustainability, inclusivity, business transformation, social innovation and healthcare with clients like Vivobarefoot, Ernst & Young (EY), OnePlus, Samsung, NHS, Moorfields etc. Alongside her master's, she was working at Hellon, the creative strategic agency, designing customer experience-based transformation, business visions, strategies and solutions.

"Every design project is unique and requires a degree of flexibility in terms of the design methodology used. Personally, the complexities, uncertainty and surprises that a project brings are the elements that make service design a worthwhile pursuit. I try to uncover opportunities by studying the relationships between different entities at multiple levels of an ecosystem, which can further be used as levers that drive innovation."

Final Project

The government’s carbon emission regulations have gained immense emphasis from automobile manufacturers. However, biased decisions within different sustainability targets like carbon zero goals, recyclability, ethical sourcing etc., create environmentally harmful causal loops, often uncovered during the design phase. Attaining the desired circularity while balancing other sustainability targets is a challenge.

Spiral is an AI-based service that helps EV manufacturers to prioritise different sustainability targets and make circular material decisions during the automobile design and concept development phase. The AI-powered plugin integrates with existing design and engineering software to ensure sustainable material decisions.

WIP project 2022

Vision is an end-to-end service that helps people effectively manage their savings and start making early investments to build a financially sustainable future. It provides users with the necessary tools and information while facilitating an aided behavioural change to make better financial decisions.


Facing the Commodities Supercycle

The green transition may create an increasing demand for the alternative commodities used, resulting in a commodities supercycle. “Supercycles happen when there’s an important structural change in the demand for some types of commodities. The transformation towards green, more sustainable energy might generate that”. As a team, Nini Lin, Debby Hsiao and I are exploring this problem to identify opportunities to help businesses face this supercycle, in order to minimize the impacts of the inflation it might cause. 

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