sneha vidyasagar

MA 22/23

Hi! I am Sneha Vidyasagar, a designer, a storyteller, but a curious person first from the vibrant city of Bangalore, India. Whether it's crafting captivating service experiences, envisioning dynamic spaces, unraveling the intricacies of human behavior, or curating travel itineraries, I am a creative compass, ready for different adventures! 

Growing up in a culturally rich country, has imprinted upon me a profound sense of empathy and an unwavering commitment to cater to the needs of multifaceted individuals. I take immense pride in contributing meaningfully to endeavors that embrace inclusivity, ensuring that every person, irrespective of their background, receives the most extraordinary experiences tailored just for them.

With my versatile skill set, I believe in storytelling in various forms—be it through graphic design, illustrations or art, or performing arts. Fueled by boundless empathy, my creative practice knows no bounds. With a bachelors in communication design I delved into design thinking, branding, graphic design & typography. As I journeyed, I discovered that design is not merely about aesthetically communicating information; it is an immersive voyage that shapes the very essence of our interactions with the world around us, leaving an indelible impact on our experiences leading me to pursue Service design at RCA.

My design journey has been paved with impactful projects, from designing rehabilitation services for individuals on probation, employing behavioral design to instill responsible flushing practices. Currently, working on a project that focuses on empowering and nurturing the well-being of sex workers. By embracing human-centered and collaborative approaches, we are forging secure and trusted platforms that cater to their unique needs, fostering a path to liberation and dignity.

Passionate about projects that create genuine impact, I find joy and fulfillment in dedicating my time and energy to endeavors that make a meaningful difference in the world. And when I'm not immersed in design, you'll find me dancing, painting, doing some yoga or running behind puppies in the park!

Final Project

On top of violence, harassment and stigma associated with the job, sex workers live in fear everyday of being discovered. Hence, all sex workers use one or more aliases to communicate with clients, service providers (healthcare, banking etc), friends and family. It becomes really difficult for them to remain anonymous, and at the same time be safe and access a wide range of services (Eg. when a sex worker goes missing, friends and family cannot contact local authorities since they don't know their legal name). 

1. A privacy-centric platform

A privacy-centric platform that allows sex workers to sign up for services privately, giving them control over the data they choose to share and with whom. This solution leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure and confidential transactions, empowering sex workers to maintain their privacy while accessing necessary services. Additionally, they can selectively share information with trusted individuals, such as friends and family, using private passwords.

2.  Integrating private details onto existing identification systems

An alternative approach involves integrating private details onto existing identification systems, such as NFC-enabled passports or driving licenses. This solution enables sex workers to visit service providers who can securely access and manage their data during interactions. Once the service is completed, the updated information is loaded back onto the passport, ensuring data integrity and erasing any trace of the transaction from the system.

We are currently exploring both these solutions, weighing the pros and cons and figuring which one to take further. By developing a practical solution, we aim to enhance their safety and well-being in a meaningful and impactful way.

WIP project 2022