Siyu Li-Lillia

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Hola, This is Lillia, a creative and passionate designer dedicated to driving innovation and shaping future trends across various fields. I am passionate about exploring new design trends and technologies, with a focus on gamification, sustainability and social responsibility. I actively engage in interdisciplinary collaborations and research projects to drive design innovation.

My design philosophy revolves around combining creativity with practicality to create meaningful real world experiences for all the people in chaos system. I love the process of pulling through chaotic systems to find the key core issues. Being able to ask tough questions in chaotic systems and reframe them so they can be better solved is a core skill for designers in a changing world.

I have extensive work experience coupled with exceptional design skills. During my full-time and internship experiences at Netease Game, I not only served as a User Researcher and User Experience Designer but also gained in-depth insights into the gaming industry. By establishing a satisfaction rating system and driving improvements in game features, I successfully increased user engagement and order volumes. These experiences have provided me with a profound understanding of design trends and user preferences in the gaming industry, allowing me to enhance user experiences using industry best practices.

Final Project

There is a notion that older people shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be intimate in UK.

Physical ageing is just one of the limitations brought to them by age, and It is true that physical functions decline with age, but this does not mean that your basic needs as a human disappear with age, such as the pursuit and expression of love, intimacy and even sexuality. Age is just a number, but the impression it gives creates a lot of cognitive bias and ageism.

This Time is a socializing platform for older generation to create real dating value by exploring the value of intimacy and self-esteem in the community.

Achieved through creating a free and open community environment, meaningful mingle events, a series of quiz and testing clarify self-worth and a resource platform from which organizations can support and help single people exploring their own meaning of intimacy.

WIP project 2022

Islington is densely populated and many children live in poor overcrowded families, thus more play space is being called for. There are already many places to play in the community, and large playgrounds are only a small part of them. The real problem is that people, especially kids, don't know about these places and how playable they are.

So we designed Play@, a game-driven service that can be practised by play organizations to unlock playable places, bridge different players in the community, and establish a playground-centred network. In layman's terms, it is a toolkit that can be used by play organizations to transform real communities into games, which will map out all the playable spaces in the community and highlight the uniqueness of each place.


Intimate relationship and sexuality of older group