Shruti Agerwala

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I am a researcher and service designer from India. My practice focuses on navigating the complexity and interconnectedness of people, technology and businesses to design meaningful, inclusive, holistic and impactful solutions.

Formerly trained in industrial design, I worked at Samsung Electronics as a Product designer to understand customer needs, identify new opportunity areas, prototype and validate concepts and create locally inspired, globally desired consumer appliances. I have also worked as an innovation designer and researcher in various sectors spanning from entertainment, healthcare, and agriculture.

During my time here at the Royal College of Art, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with various project partners, including adidas and NHSX, which has not only broadened my perspective on how design can positively impact the future but also helped me understand the importance of designing with people and leveraging tools and methods to design effective and robust solutions. 


Final Project

Designing for Volunteer Wellbeing within the Aid Sector is a framework which helps organisations better support their volunteers by ensuring and protecting their mental health and wellbeing while acknowledging systemic barriers within the aid sector. This case study is based upon our close work with a non-profit organisation called Techfugees, who we collaborated with in designing a series of interventions aimed at helping to create a more positive experience for their volunteers throughout their journey. Furthermore, based upon our research, we also created a tool that helps volunteers beyond just Techfugees ensure that their expectations and motivations for volunteering align with the activities and mission of an organisation they want to work with.

WIP project 2022

‘adidas re-act’ is a service that aims to redefine the meaning of sustainability in the sports industry by making it visible, doable, accessible and inclusive. By providing concrete and actionable methods to extend the end-of-life of their product offering, it empowers customers to become agents of change for the greater cause of the planet and transform behaviour and mindset towards consumption habits. Based on 12 weeks of research and development, the service sits within the existing ecosystem of adidas, therefore minimising costs while increasing brand engagement and reach.


I am starting my final year MA project soon, for which I will be partnering with Techfugees, a global NGO that works towards supporting and empowering displaced people through inclusive design-driven projects.